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Sophia or Joanna

SOJO essential wellness centre

Botany NSW 2019

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At Sojo Essential Wellness we believe in natural self care and focus on providing the best holistic treatments for our clients. We are a family owned and run wellness centre with a passion for sharing health and wellness with the world.

SOJO essential wellness centre

Focus areas

Aromatouch technique Floatation pods Complementary

At Sojo you can experience a range of treatments to detox the body, release physically and emotionally as well as repair and renew. We offer a variety of treatments from Infrared Sauna, Colon Hyrdotherapy, Aromatouch Technique Massage, Floatation pod therapy and Energetic healing. 

We provide our clients with a fulfilling experience along with every treatment offering complimentary organic tea, juices and smoothies post session. Browse around centre, relax, shop and unwind and SOJO. 


5 Services

Floatation Pod

Floatation Therapy
$99 Per session

Experience a deeper level of relaxation than ever before in our dream pod. Have the option of being in complete silence in sensory deprivation, Relaxing spirit sounds or reprogram your mind to break bad habits with our mind mapping meditations. Float for

Infrared Sauna

Beauty Therapy (Holistic)
$45 Per session

Experience the heat in our Infrared ihealth sauna. Choose infrared to decrease inflammation and pain, improve sleep and balance hormones, for fast muscle recovery and to improve skin health and glow through cell regeneration. Expell heavy metals and unwan

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