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SolA Yoga

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SolA Yoga is where you will be guided to find your centre, steady your focus, gain balance and alignment of breath,body and mind. Within a safe and comfortable setting, it's also where you will have fun, possibly be physically challenged and simultaneously find a sense of calm.

SolA Yoga

About Us
Yoga Teacher, Adrienne Lewsam, is the founder of Mind-Moves and SolA Yoga. Her classes are structured to provide all the benefits of traditional yoga teachings, including breath awareness, correct alignment of the body, physical postures to build strength, balance and flexibility, meditative practices to enhance wellbeing and relaxation.

Adrienne is a fully trained and experienced Yoga Teacher. Over the past 12 years Adrienne has studied with a number of noted authorities in the international yoga teaching fraternity, most recently attending workshops with Simon Borg-Olivier, John Leebold, Donna Farhi, Nicky Knoff and James Bryan.

She successfully completed (RYT350 hours) with renowned Master Yoga Teacher Nicky Knoff in 2008. In addition, Adrienne is a registered member of Yoga Australia. Adrienne continues incorporating professional knowledge into her practice and daily life. Meditation has been an integral part of her yoga practice and she has written 50 guided meditations which she has shared in group sessions over the past 6 years. With a background in Fitness Training and a personal fitness history spanning 25 years, she understands the physical and mental disciplines required for attaining a healthy body and mind. Adrienne brings all together in an intuitive and thorough guide for her students.

SolA Yoga classes incorporate a blend of 5 ancient elements:

  • non-religious meditation
  • breathing exercises for vitality
  • anatomically aligned postures
  • relaxation to deal effectively with stress
  • yoga philosophy for a happy life

    The practice of Yoga simultaneously energises and relaxes the body and the mind. Attention to correct alignment can improve overall body posture while the spread of mental focus from one body part to another develops an overall awareness. Students are taught dynamic postures for balance, strength, endurance and flexibility combined with passive postures to calm and restore. Meditation is a part of every class. The lasting benefits spill over into everyday life.

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