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Solutions Skin & Health Clinic

Solutions Skin & Health Clinic

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Solutions Skin & Health Clinic has a team of highly-trained professionals offering naturopathic and nutrition services. If you're looking for comprehensive screening and pathology testing or allergy analysis, weight loss advice and programs, colonic hydrotherapy or hormone testing, call and book with one of our friendly practitioners today.

Naturopathy - Solutions Skin & Health Clinic

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Warrnambool, Victoria

Focus areas

Skin care Circulation Pain relief Hormones Lifestyle Hormone testing

Weight Loss

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment to measure your body's fat, muscle mass and hydration. We will then design a tailored weight loss program based on the results.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Find out whether mineral deficiencies and heavy metal contamination are present and effecting the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

Hormonal Imbalance

A simple saliva test kit that accurately assesses your levels of sex, sleep and stress hormones. We also offer food allergy and intolerance tests, coeliac testing and helicobacter (reflux)

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Solutions Skin and Health Clinic provides the only Colonic Hydrotherapy service in the area. Our modern facilities, professional, experienced staff, and hygiene are second to none.

Functional Pathology Testing

These blood, urine or saliva tests are used to assist your health professional in the diagnosis, treatment and management of your health. Treating the cause of ill health not just the symptoms. Functional pathology testing is another form of testing that doesn't look for a disease but biochemical changes and imbalances that may be affecting an organ, tissue or even the nervous system, because these tests are looking at different parameters than the regular blood, urine or stool testing that may have been ordered for you. A lot more information is available:

Endocrinology analysis - looking at stress, sex, thyroid and sleep hormones.

Gastrointestinal analysis - testing for bacterial/ parasite overgrowth, leaky gut and general gut health.

Immunological analysis - comprises food or environmental allergens and the body's immune response to moulds, Lyme disease and the methylation process by the liver.

Metabolic analysis - These tests may identify metabolic imbalances or inborn errors that may underline many chronic illnesses such as poor dietary protein absorption often found in chronic fatigue and behavioral disorders. It can also look at several markers of cardiovascular disease.

Nutritional analysis - A group of tests that can assess your body's requirement of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals.

Routine Pathology analysis - Can be used to look at common conditions eg. fatigue and iron deficiency.

Hair Testing

We use hair mineral analysis to assist our Naturopathic practitioners in the assessment of the levels of nutrients and toxic metals in your body.

For more detailed information about Solutions Skin & Health Clinic's Naturopathic services, visit our website, call or click on one of the buttons below.

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