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SOMAtherapy Connections

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SOMAtherapy Connections

SOMAtherapy is a space in which to reveal insights and create strategies to positively transform our feelings, thoughts and movements.  

SOMAtherapy Connections - Somatic therapy

Life is a journey of positive and negative experience, change, uncertainty and challenge. When we are hurt, by events or people, it is natural to react by protecting ourselves in the best way our system knows how. We may have been taught how to respond through our attachment history or we may have developed our 'survival' reaction throughout our history. Our responses create what we grow to understand as our unique identity and temperament. It is a wonderful and dynamically beautiful process of continual transformation and growth. However, survival responses to threat, fear and criticism create protective barriers which shut down, diminish or overwhelm our nervous system and distort our capacity to engage with and feel the joy of life.

Throughout stressful or difficult times such internal protection helps us to survive these events, it allows us to protect ourselves and others. However, when the event has past our body response can remain stuck in a state of stress, establishing a pattern of resistance which makes it difficult for us to leave the past behind. We continue to carry fear, from a threat which has past, because our nervous system and musculature is not able to relax and release.

A SOMAtherapy session deals with what is going on NOW by encouraging a mindful focus on body sensations and your unique mind body responses to thoughts and events.

SOMAtherapy is effective when we feel:

    • Overwhelmed
    • Depressed
    • Stressed
    • Unconfident
    • Unable to connect with the world or people around us
    • Stuck
    • Anxious
    • Fearful
    • Uncertain


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About SOMAtherapy SOMAtherapy helps you to understand and regulate your body response to stress and trauma.

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