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Somatic Healthcare Clinic

Naturopathy is a modern medical system based on thousands of years of empirical knowledge of healing. It incorporates nutrition and nutritional medicine, herbal, mineral and homeopathic medicine, lifestyle causes of illness and counselling.

Somatic Healthcare Clinic


Naturopathy is a holistic modality of medicine which works by stimulating the ability of the body to heal itself. Treatment concentrates on curative as opposed to symptom relief to achieve overall wellbeing. Lifestyle and diet and nutritional over/undersupply are altered to realign the body to vitality and good health.

Why See a Naturopath?

Today, humans are exposed to many toxic chemicals and our bodies are not designed to have accumulated exposure without ill effect. The food we eat, stress, poor lifestyle choices, and modern pharmaceutical medications can all contribute to chronic illness. Naturopathy helps you to stay healthy and energised as opposed to only seeking treatment when you are sick.

Modalities that Naturopathy Use

  • Nutrition

  • Western Herbal Medicine

  • Homeopathy

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