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Sonia Motum

Sonia Motum - Energy Intuitive, Healer, Soul Coach and Meditation Teacher

Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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Energy healing is a transformational and beautiful way to let go of old and limiting habits, thinking, beliefs and fears that have kept you stuck in a place that no longer brings you joy and abundance.

Reiki & Energy Healing for Positive Transformation

Servicing area

Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Randwick, Tamarama, Woollahra, Rose Bay, Edgecliffe, Eastern Suburbs & Sydney

Focus areas

Self development Finances Trauma release Readings Face to face Love

Sonia is both a Reiki Healing Practitioner and also a Practitioner of the Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique. As an intuitive and gifted healer and personal development coach, Sonia is able to quickly identify and shift limiting and fear based beliefs that have held her clients stuck in old patterns of thought and behaviour and have stopped them from attracting what they really desire for themselves.

Sometimes, even unconsciously, we live our lives moving in circles, attracting the same sort of unhealthy relationships, never feeling good enough or lovable, having pain in our bodies or addictions or weight we just can’t shift.

For some people, it is an innate knowing that there is more to life than the one they are currently living or a realisation that they are not happy or living the life they wish for, for others it is life traumas that draw them to an energy healing session with Sonia.

Energy healing cannot be intellectualised, it is something that needs to be experienced. Sonia asks her clients to come to their session with an open mind to allow the session to unfold as it is meant to. No two energy or Reiki healing sessions are ever the same and wonderful and profound things happen in each and every session to support the development of clients on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental level.


Reiki is a very gentle form of healing useful for realigning the flow of Chi or life force energy throughout the body. Energy must flow freely and easily through the body for a state of balance, harmony and a feeling of connection to the Self and the Universe. However, where there are energy blocks present in your energy system due to the storing of negative emotions or toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, as well as heavy foods, there will be interference with the flow of this positive life force energy.

The more specific benefits of Reiki include:

  • Adjusting the flow of life force energy or Chi through the body
  • Creating a sense of deep relaxation
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Aiding spiritual growth and emotional healing
  • Relieving physical pain
  • Revitalising both the body and the Soul
  • Re-balancing the connection between the spiritual, emotional, physical and the mental bodies; balancing all 4 energy bodies
  • Cleansing the body of toxic energy
  • Improving sleep
  • Increasing one’s vitality and raising the your vibration

Energy Healing

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Worried about your finances? Lack self confidence? Want to meet your ideal partner, but struggling to find them? Do you have an innate knowing that you are here for a bigger purpose, but not quite sure what it is or are struggling to realise it? Are you desiring change, personal evolvement and wanting deeper meaning in your life, but unsure of the next steps to take?

Well I am here to help you!

I am Sonia Motum an energy intuitive, healer and self development coach and mentor. I help people embody their infinite potential by overcoming self limiting fears, beliefs, behaviors and the stories that keep them unhappy and playing small, so they can live an empowered life of joy, purpose and wild abundance.

I will help you to connect into your inner wisdom, divine guidance and the true essence of who you really are and the bigger reason for why you are here.

How Does an Energy Healing Session Unfold?
  1. Both face to face and virtual healing sessions are offered.
  2. To begin a healing session, we will start with a short meditation to bring in the divine energy that facilitates the gentle unfolding of what wants to be released and healed in the session.
  3. I'll ask you to share with me your current experiences in life and the situations you are facing or seeking guidance on.
  4. No matter what you are experiencing, I will identify the source of any blocks, confusion or imbalance within your energy field and I will facilitate a healing to return you to a state of inner alignment, balance and clarity.
  5. Each session has a cumulative impact and will leave you feeling more aligned, joyful, clear and focused on your true path in this lifetime.

The session will consist of a deep energetic healing and release of whatever issues or challenges have been identified during the session. It may also consist of:

  • energy realignment
  • chakra clearing, balancing
  • belief system healing
  • emotional wounding and trauma release
  • Karmic clearing
  • cord cutting
  • past life healing
  • relationship healing
  • soul retrieval
  • healing of the physical body
  • business coaching/career guidance
  • goal alignment/intention setting
  • life purpose alignment
  • connection to your own inner wisdom
How to Prepare for a Virtual Healing Session

Just prior to the start of your session, I will call in your higher self and high level Spirit Guides and draw a number of Oracle Cards that are divinely guided for you. I will send you photos and meanings of the Oracle cards being drawn for you, along with any messages from your Spirit guides.

Before calling, please just find yourself a quiet space at home or wherever you may be, somewhere you can either sit or lie down comfortably and without distraction. 

Have yourself some water, you might like to light a candle, dim the lights and even burn some sage in your space. Do whatever supports you to feel safe, comfortable and at ease.

Please call me on my mobile at the time of your session. I will be sitting in my healing room waiting to hear from you.


A one hour energy healing session is an investment of $150 + GST

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4 Services

Energy Healing

$172 Per hour

Reiki Healing

$172 Per hour


  • Serenity Vibration Healing Technique
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Iecl Coaching Qualification
  • Transformative Meditation Teaching Qualification
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Employee Relations
  • Bachelor Of Arts, Industrial Relations & Sociology

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