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Sonia Perez Chinese Medicine

Servicing area: Ivanhoe, Brunswick, Melbourne

Moxibustion Parasite cleanse Art ...
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Have a sacred balance through Chinese medicine with a holistic approach in healing.

Registered Chinese Medicine Doctor

Who is Dr Sonia Perez?

I'm a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine, with 19 years of clinical experience, based in Ivanhoe and Brunswick, Melbourne. I've also studied Western Herbal Medicine and Detoxification Protocols. 

Growing up in Australia with a conventional Spanish upbringing where simple healthy nutritious substances and a close family bond were very important. I got hooked up with the ancient teachings of Chinese Medicine after reading the book ‘Tao Te Ching’ which describes the fundamental nature of knowledge on “how to live in harmony and be at one with nature.” alongside  Acupuncture, Qi Gong both Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine. 

In 2007, I have completed a clinical internship in China that taught me and helped polish my skills in combining western and eastern disciplines. This directed me towards a complete holistic understanding of how our well-being and health is achieved by giving attention to the root causes rather than covering the symptoms. 

This passion and experiences drove me to learn more which I intend to offer an advancement in reaching a greater audience by understanding nutrition and holistic health in the field of science and using evidence-based information 

Due to my busy lifestyle, I caught (Epstein Bar Virus) and became a turning point in my life. I still live with it every day but the only difference is I have learned how to naturally manage it. If we learn to balance these important elements: mind, body, and spirit then we can achieve our goal for a holistic pattern in terms of optimal health and well-being. 

I have treated clients every day and their common denominators were: stress, poor food quality intake, chronic diseases, and a sedentary lifestyle. These are the causes of our modern-day living where we are hooked up with computers or television while being unaware of the chemicals that are inside the food we eat. 

By following a holistic approach to healing, it makes me happy whenever I hear the satisfaction from my clients especially when there are a lot of conflicting studies and out of date information that may be very confusing. In this journey, I hope I can help shed light and motivate you to take control of the things in life may it be your happiness, passion, personal ability, and health.

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Sonia Perez Chinese Medicine