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Sonicbalance Holistic Centre

Brian Hyland
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Soothing sounds for your entire body, mind, and soul

Sonicbalance Holistic Centre - About

The Sonicbalance™ Massage Table delivers a first complete body massage experience using harmonious frequencies and vibrations to render the entire body experience. From within the bones, muscles, bodies and joints, frequence and vibration will penetrate and provide massage.
The Sonicbalance™ Massage Table uses sound frequencies specifically applied to certain areas of the body. From deep inside the body, frequencies and vibrations will travel harmlessly through the skin, muscle, and bone in search of olden sufferings and traumas to put the area back into synchronization.
The vibrations accumulate and release anything not to be present. Everything else goes away when the body vibrates harmoniously as it should be!
This old technology is being reinvented with new materials that use sound, vibration and crystals to offer a new multi-dimensional technology experience of wonderful potential. Throughout 41 separate programs the program uses 12 frequencies and 20 speakers to harmonize the body for 69 minutes.

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