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Sonya Barratt

Sonya Barratt

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Sonya Barratt: Naturopath, Nutritional Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Iridology, Diet and Lifestyle Planning, Smart Bowen Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Technique, Ear Candling, Reiki

Sonya Barratt

Servicing area

New Beith, Greenbank, Queensland

Focus areas

Well-being Libido Frozen shoulder Shoulder pain Poor circulation Hydration

Sonya Barratt has a wide range of skills and qualifications to treat the cause as well as the symptoms of your health concerns and get you started on a tailor made plan for health.

Services Provided:
Allergy treatment, Smart Bowen Therapy, Ear Candling, Flower Essences, Western Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Lymphatic Drainage, Men's Health, Natural Fertility Management, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Reiki, Remedial Therapies, Weight Loss, Women's Health

Are You taking Medication?
No problem. We are trained in combining natural and pharmacological medicines and are happy to work with your doctor or other healthcare provider to ensure the best possible results for you. We prescribe top quality practitioner only supplements that have been tested for safety and efficacy.

Our Facilities:
On site parking
Gift Vouchers
Seniors and Carer card Discounts
Reduced Fees for Childrens Consultations for Bowen Therapy
Evening and Weekend appointments available

Sonya believes that health is more than the absence of disease or symptoms; it is a state of vitality that allows you to live your life to its full potential.

Weekend and evening appointments are available and we are located at 11 Satinash Close, New Beith, Greenbank (off Pub Lane). For bookings or enquiries phone:

Sonya on 5543 2416 or 0421 645 646

Meet your Practitioner:

Sonya Barratt practices Smart Bowen Therapy. Sonya takes a thorough medical history, performs Bowen moves through light clothing and adjusts the pressure of each Bowen move to suit the individual client to ensure the treatment is gentle. Many of Sonya’s clients achieve relief of their presenting complaint in 2 or 3 treatments, and report improved sleep, feeling less stressed, and happier within themselves as Bowen Therapy acts to reset the Autonomic Nervous System.
Conditions that respond well to Bowen Therapy:

 Back, neck and Shoulder Pain
 Headaches
 Poor sleep
 Stress and tension
 Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, RSI, Carpal tunnel
 Hormonal imbalance – menstrual pain, Pre menstrual syndrome
 Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia
 Sciatic pain
 TMJ (Jaw) problems
 Sports accidents and injuries
 Asthma and respiratory problems
 Digestive problems
 Colic in babies and bedwetting in children
 Hyperactive disorder
 Emotional imbalance

Why Bowen Therapy Works!

Many of us have heard of or experienced Bowen Therapy, and it is quickly becoming recognized worldwide as a powerful but gentle method of restoring wellness to the body and mind.

What happens in the body during a Bowen treatment?
When a Bowen move is performed it lifts the muscle out of its bed, allowing access to the connective tissue or fascia underneath. This connective tissue does much more than hold everything together, it provides structure in much the same way as plants stand tall without the use of bones. When this fascia becomes dehydrated or damaged it leads to physiological and physical problems such as reduced range of movement, stiffness, inflammation and pain. Bowen improves body fluid (Blood & lymph) to the area, allowing restoration of function by rehydration and allowing nutrients in for repair and waste removal.

Many people in today’s fast paced world are in a state of constant stress, their bodies and minds in overdrive. This stressed state reduces digestive function, nutrient absorption and assimilation and healing capabilities along with other familiar symptoms such as poor sleep. Bowen acts directly on nerve fibres to reset the balance to the nervous system to bring about homeostasis and restore these vital body functions.

Latest research shows that many Bowen moves correlate with the points used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, or the meridians. These meridians govern our energy flow and work to create harmony physically, emotionally and mentally. Bowen helps correct disturbances in the meridians and can encourage emotional wellbeing along with its actions on the musculoskeletal, and nervous systems, Bowen is truly a holistic therapy.

About Sonya Barratt

I am a qualified in Smart Bowen Therapy, which incorporates skillful application of Bowen moves plus a powerful lymphatic drainage technique. I am registered with the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle soft tissue rolling and stretching technique. Bowen moves are performed through light clothing over precise points on the body to release muscles and stimulate the healing ability within the body. It is safe and effective for everyone from newborns to the elderly as treatments are tailored to each individual client to achieve the best results possible. Bowen therapy is quickly becoming recognized worldwide as a powerful method of restoring wellness to many people.

Smart Bowen Therapy also incorporates a powerful lymphatic drainage technique that is useful for congestion, detoxification and swelling. It is extremely gentle and relaxing.

After 2 -3 treatments, many people experience relief from sleeping difficulties, muscular aches and pain, hormonal disturbances, digestive problems, back pain, headaches, poor circulation, lymphatic congestion and a wide range of other complaints. Some conditions may require more treatments. Many clients report feeling less stressed, more energetic and happier within themselves.

Client Testimonials:

I found Bowen helped me in an overall way as well as in specific ways. I had a very tight back, shoulders and neck from carrying around a heavy baby, and nil libido (also from said baby) After having just one Bowen treatment the tightness eased, and my libido returned (my husband was very happy). While I didn't think I was the type of person to get stressed, I also noticed that I felt much calmer and more focused, and that my body was working better. My Bowen therapist, Sonya Barratt, has a special touch. I've had many massages which were nice, but it felt like the masseuse was just going through the motions while their mind was somewhere else. My sessions with Sonya felt completely different and that she was really connecting with the right spots and listening to my body, and adjusting the treatment to suit me.
NW, Tamborine

To whom it may concern

For some years now I have been unable to squat down fully with ease. In my work as a store man this ability is vitally important to avoid back damage when lifting heavy objects. Over the years I have tried massage, physiotherapy and a number of other treatments without any lasting degree of success.

Through word of mouth and a bit of research I had heard that Bowen therapy might free up the muscle tissue in a different and pain free way to massage and other therapies I had tried previously. After several Bowen Therapy treatments by Sonya Barratt I find it easier to go up and down stairs and my ability to squat has improved a good deal. I would certainly recommend this therapy and Sonya’s professionalism to others.

MJ Cedar Grove