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Soozie Servinis Kinesiology - Life & Biz Mentoring

Soozie Servinis

Northcote VIC 3070

Servicing area: Fairfield, Northcote, Thornbury, Preston, Heidelberg, Kew, Melbourne, Victoria

Shine Your Light and Be The Best Expression of Yourself & Your Biz.

Soozie Servinis - Kinesiology Soul & Biz Alignment

Hi there, I’m Soozie Servinis let me introduce myself so we can connect and do some work together !


I’m a Kinesiologist, Soul & Wellness Practitioner & Teacher, Life and Biz Mentor. I’m passionate about helping people transform their life and aligning you to your inner truth so you can express who you are and live the Life and Biz you want.



Why Work With Me ?

I’ve been practicing and teaching since 2000 in the area of Health, Soul & Wellness & more recently Biz Alignment Sessions.


◆I work with people one on one in groups and workshops


◆I have experience teaching Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Yoga & Wellness to students and health & wellness practitioners.


◆I have designed and delivered wellbeing programs for corporate and non-corporate people in Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra


◆I have an Aromatherapy brand that was created over 10 years ago whilst working in Canberra. The products include the 7 chakra mists, Space, and Ayurveda Aura cleansing sprays, Woman’s essence and mists. All products are made by myself and infused with the vibration of love and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are sold in wellbeing centres to practitioners, shops and to my clients


In the last 5 years I’ve been working part time and and raising my beautiful spirited boy who keeps me Aligned !


Client Love

if you’re genuinely ready and committed to work on yourself, release old patterns, achieve long-held goals and be your authentic self then Soozie is your practitioner.

To go within and look at obstacles that are holding you back can be challenging and it takes courage. Soozie is great at holding a safe place while you work through these obstacles. After my sessions I find myself going out and taking action without the stress. Kinesiology has completely transformed my life. I’m more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve implemented healthy relationship boundaries and have stepped into my own power. 

I’ve also achieved my life purpose of becoming a Kinesiologist. Soozie is a highly talented and skilled practitioner and it’s such a joy to work with her.

Kerrie Stevens: Kinesiologist & Clinical Nurse Consultant

"I have had the privledge of working with Soozie and over a period of time I've seen a major transformation in myself. She has supported and given me clarity through so many milestones in my life spanning over family, health and career. I love the integrity and honesty she brings to her profession and couldn't speak more highly of her or recommend her services more "

Michelle Canny Interior Stylist/ Decorator

“Soozie Servinis is a genius – she has help guide me for many years, clearing out unwanted energy and continually refining my goals and focus. Without her, I would not be where I am now – half way around the world in a place where I have found my home, my place and my direction.

Soozie has helped me through some challenging times, and worked with me directly as well as on Skype and they are both powerful experiences. I always feel clearer and lighter, and with a greater sense of purpose every time I work with Soozie. 

Marilla Homes UK Wellness Practitioner, Singer & Performer

I have been having sessions with Soozie for about 18 months now. There is so much in my life that has changed since our first appointment and I can honestly and open heartedly claim it was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

Soozie is certainly a practitioner that is filled with integrity, authenticity and genuinely desires the best for the clients that she sees. You feel it in every part of your being and your souls knows that you are home  in a place where only growth can occur.

The life changes that I have made have been huge. During the time I have being seeing Soozie I have finished a book, received a publishing contract, moved states and have better and more fulfilling relationships that I have even known. It has now become a part of my life and who I am and I strongly believe the best investment one can make for self.

Sonia Muraco Creative Writer


I’ve known Soozie as a practitioner for many years. She is one of those rare practitioners who is keen to help you resolve issues/blocks so that you can move on and evolve. Soozie comes from the heart and genuinely wants to help you be YOU. ! 

Because of the growth and evolutionary nature of the sessions, Soozie adapts and tailors them as your needs change. She is a seeker of knowledge and puts her learnings into practice to give you the best, most effective client experience possible.

I have no hesitation in recommending sessions with Soozie. Her energy and enthusiasm is boundless and she wants her clients to heal, and be there to support your journey to move on and grow.

Jenifer  It Consultant


I first came to see Soozie because I had ongoing neck pain. However, over the years she has helped me not only with knee pain but has  helped  me to realise my true potential.  Soozie has helped me release a lot of "stuff" that was holding me back.  I have love my sessions with Soozie because. not only have they made a real difference to my life but  Soozie has an infectious personality, always making me feel comfortable, and always making me laugh. My sessions with Soozie have also inspired me to study Kinesiology, something I would never have dreamed of previously.

I highly recommend Soozie to anyone! 

Julie Barca Kinesiologist 

Soozie is a wonderful practitioner. Very intuitive and able to get  to the core of the issue that is causing imbalances and disharmony within you . Soozie is lighthearted, enthusiastic, warm and funny. She makes you feel comfortable and safe in a nurturing way  as old patterns  are brought to the surface to be healed and released. She has helped me to move forward in life in a more positive and healthy way.

Mandy Melbourne  x


What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology creates balance, clarity and empowerment in your life.
It allows you to feel confident,connected and realigns you by clearing the blocks that are standing in your way of creating a life that is the best expression of who you truly are.

Whether you are looking for balance, clarity, change or direction in your life, feeling stuck and not sure how to sort through the blocks that are holding you back from living a life that resonates with you.

Let me work with you to transform your Life and Biz so you can shine your inner light with clarity, confidence and self love.

It combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health .It will help you understand your challenges in a deep and profound way which enables you to feel calmer, centred and thus gives you clarity about how you wish to take positive steps and make transformations in your life.

Soul & Wellness Alignment/Mentoring

Do you have a yearning in your heart to do something fulfilling for both for yourself and others.

Want to step into your own power, share your work, passion, message but fear and doubt are stopping you ?

Want to clear emotional blocks, sabotage programs and limited beliefs that are holding you back and stopping you from Shining Your Light?

Want to be self directed and have confidence to create abundance in your life your way and on your terms and conditions?

Biz Mentoring

Are you tired and overwhelmed with overthinking what you need to be doing to make your business flow with ease and have inspirational connection with others?

If you are a wellness practitioner, coach, lightworker, creative, consultant or want to start or grow your Biz that is authentic, on your terms, and expression of who you are and what you want to attract and manifest in your Biz then let me help you make this happen and achieve your Biz goals.

Aromatherapy Mists

Space Clearing
This spray has been created to inspire and uplift each individual, clear the space in your home or office, work space and even in cars!

Heart Essence
This beautiful Mist is a a collection of rose and other essential oils. This mist help connect people to their heart space, clear emotional blockages, connect people to what resonates with their heart, and many use it as a personal perfume because it smells so beautiful.

New Inner Light Essence coming soon !

Lets Connect and do some work together.

xx Soozie 

Session are available for 

    •  1-1 Soul & Biz Alignment sessions  


    •  3 Month Mentoring Packages For LIfe & Biz


    •  Workplace workshops


Contact me for more info and details 

University Degree BA Social Sciences,

  • Registered Kinesiologist Reg, AIK, ATMS

  • Registered Kinesiology Instructor Reg IKC

  • Diploma Of Remedial Massage, Reg ATMS

  • Certificate Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant

  • Certificate in Aromatic Kinesiology
    Registered Aromatherapist AAMA

  • Certificate 1V In Workplace & Training Current (TAA)

  • Yoga Teacher Level 2 (YTAA)
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