Soulfusion Therapies - Kinesiology

Sophia Williams-Martin

Torquay QLD 4655

Soulfusion Therapies - Kinesiology

I will encourage you over time to listen, acknowledge and action what you deep down already know about yourself and take steps towards decisions that embody the healthy optimal you.

Soulfusion Therapies - Kinesiology - Treatments


Realign to the Heart

3 Kinesiology session concentrated on supporting your 2019 realignment to the new heart energy that is pouring into our energetic system.

1 hr 30 mins | A$210.

Initial Kinesiology

We cover your patterns, history, fears, habits, dreams, and lifestyle to get a clear picture of where you are currently. When we have clarity, we access Kinesiology to apply physical, emotional, and/or nutritional re-balancing via muscle monitoring to unveil what your body requires for optimal wellbeing and health.

1 hr 30 mins | A$100.

Follow Up Kinesiology

We continue to release the stresses that are hindering the natural flow of energy in your body. As your energy begins to flow with greater abundance your ability to create change becomes easier. At least 2 follow up sessions are recommended.

1 hr | A$85.

Children’s Kinesiology

Kinesiology will help to guide your child to rediscover their centred and confident selves. I work with toddlers, babies, and children and am incredibly passionate about supporting them to clear any blockages in their energy system so they can live with focus and a strong sense of fun.

1 hr | A$85-$100.

Art Therapy

This powerfully gentle tool you can project your feelings using sound, movement, sand tray, clay, drawing, poetry, and collage providing a voice to your heart and thoughts. The aim is to develop awareness, understand yourself, and improve your strengths. I will help you to heal from your pain, move past your struggles, and move towards where you would like to be in life.

1 hr | A$85.

Relaxation Massage

Release, unwind and receive the nurturing gift of a relaxing massage. Release pain and liberate anxiety or nurture your soul.

1 hr | A$70.

Personalised Flower Essence

I will create and you will be given a customised flower essence that reflects the vibrational energy shift that you are searching for. Together, we will discuss the ABFE’s that appeared via the Kinesiology method of muscle testing and relate them to your story.

30 mins | A$50.

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