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Soul Botanica

Kathy Christodoulous

Within Renew @ Unley
82 Maud St
Unley SA 5061

Servicing area: Servicing Unley, Adelaide and also Whyalla, South Australia


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Soul Botanica

Reiki | Access Bars | Touch for Health

Energy Healing


45-60 minutes - $80.

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing therapy that has a profound calming & relaxing effect, boosting the vital energy of the body. This aids in creating a sense of well-being for the body, mind and soul. Reiki can be used in conjunction with all other therapies or treatments. Quantum Physicists and Neuroscientists know and study the energy that we are made of, and more and more evidence is confirming what has been traditionally known since ancient times.

  • A reiki session involves the client laying relaxed, fully clothed, while the practitioner places their hands over the energy centres of the body to help balance and align the energy, which creates a sense of deep relaxation.

Access Bars

1 hour - $150

  •  There are 32 pressure on the head that correlate to different aspects and areas of life. Releasing these pressure points with gentle touch is likened to “defragging your computer”. A distinct sense of relaxation and clearing of mind clutter occurs which enhances a more vibrant approach to your life.
  • The client lays relaxed, fully clothed, while the practitioner places their hands in a specific sequence over each of the 32 pressure points. A deep sense of relaxation is achieved.


45 minutes - $80.

Touch for Health is a part of Kinesiology, which is a complementary therapy that works with the electrical energy of the body, using the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian system and muscle monitoring , to find and correct blockages or imbalances in the body. Gentle pressure is used to tap into the subconscious communication between muscles and the Central Nervous System and find the imbalances.

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