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Soul Botanica

Kathy is a qualified Naturopath, with previous qualifications in Nursing and Midwifery, with a total of over 35 years experience as a health professional. Kathy is committed to empowering you to acheive optimal health, wellness and balance in all areas of your life, in a caring compassionate way.

Soul Botanica

Welcome to Soul Botanica

Are you feeling :

  • Tired and low in energy or vitality
  • Stressed?

Do You suffer with :

  • Digestive problems/conditions?
  • PMS or other hormonal imbalances?
  • Unpleasant menopausal symptoms?
  • Infertility? or pregnancy ailments?
  • Psoriasis, eczema, or other skin complaints?
  • Blood pressure or cholesterol problems?
  • Weight management/obesity problems?
  • Recurring colds/viruses?
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  • Depression or Anxiety?
  • Allergies?

Many people think that they must learn to live with these poor health signs, believing that they are a normal or common part of modern life. They often believe that they don't have the time to dedicate to improving their health, or that it is too hard.


Do you have time to be sick or unwell? Do you want a better quality of life?


Naturopathy is the creation of conditions which enable the body to heal itself. The basic principle of Naturopathy is that the human body has the ability to heal itself if given the right nutrients and environment. This encompasses a broad holistic attitude to health and dis-ease where health depends on harmony between body, mind and spirit, and also between man, nature and the environment.

The Naturopath uses a variety of methods to restore and promote the body's own functional ability according to these essentials of life. ALL symptoms of ill-health are signs of disharmony within the whole person and it is the person that requires treatment, not the disease.

Once the body is cleansed, nourished and balanced it has the ability to heal and recover from disease, as well as maintain health and long life.



Food is a powerful source of preventative and therapeutic medicine. The body and mind can only function properly if given proper nourishment. Nutritional medicine is about providing the body with the best possible fuel and nutrients to enable it to function optimally. Cleansing of the digestive system is also an important part of nutritional medicine.
Also, as important as the fuel we give our body, is the ability of the digestive system to digest and absorb those nutrients. We are exposed to many toxins, chemicals and additives in our foods and the environment today and these can affect how well our body utilizes its fuel.

There is a lot of confusion in today’s world about what we should or shouldn’t eat, so many different theories and diets are flooding the media. So many, in fact, that it is a struggle to decide which information is the right fit for each individual. Natural medicine and nutrition takes the confusion away.


The science and practice of analysing the iris structure, colour, signs and markings to determine the state of cells and tissues within. The latest digital iris imaging is used to form an assessment of the person's general health and the necessary treatments required. The eyes are the windows to the soul and the mirror of the body.


The use of herbs to build the health of the body and to correct specific problems. Herbalism is an age old medicine used for detoxification, elimination, cleansing, healing, stimulation of the immune system and resistance to disease, strengthening and toning of organs and systems.


A systematic science that applies the laws of nature to stimulate the healing energy of the body. Homeopathy stimulates the vital force (energy) by using minute doses of natural substances in a gentle and very effective way to promote healing.


Assays the mineral composition of hair. It is very helpful in assessing mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses of essential and also toxic elements. A hair tissue test can help pinpoint metabolic disturbances within the body and also give an indication of the appropriate clinical approach.


A form of kinesiology using muscle testing to help detect and correct any blockages in the energy meridians of the body. A gentle and effective therapy. Emotional stress release is part of touch of health, and helps to improve our coping mechanisms in our hectic, stressful lives.


Your initial consultation will include an iridology assessment and comprehensive history taking and health review to assess your health and lifestyle. A nutritional program to suit your individual needs will be given to you, and where appropriate a recommendation of undergoing a detoxification program may be suggested. You will receive comprehensive support with any changes to ensure you achieve optimal nutritional balance and absorption. Prescribing of appropriate remedies/supplements is also an important part of your treatment. A combination of nutritional, herbal and/or homeopathic remedies may be required.

Initial consultations will take one and half hours.

Follow up consultations usually take approximately half an hour, occasionally longer depending on individual needs,and will include comprehensive assessment and review of your progress. The frequency of consultations will vary depending on your individual circumstances and progress.

RBTI - analysis

RBTI analysis is used to measure the componenets and residues in samples of urine and saliva, to determine what is happening in the body at a biochemic level. By analysing the carbohydrates, pH, salts, cell debris, nitrates and ammonia, it is possible to see where the body is out of balance, and how well or how poorly you have been digesting and assimilating your food, and therefore what energy you have available from that food.

"We don't live on the food
we eat, we live on the energy created by the food that we eat"
- Carey Reams

Kathy is a fully accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, ATMS # 12030, and of  Naturopath & Herbalist Association of Australia, NHAA, # 156636. Kathy is a registered provider with all health insurance funds.

Qualification Details

  • Advanced Diploma Applied Science (Naturopathy)
  • Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)
  • RBTI Consultant
  • Nurse/Midwife
  • Certificate 1&2 Touch for Health
  • Reiki I and II
  • Access Consciousness Practitioner

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