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PRICES - DISTANT REIKI - 30 minutes AU35.00 dollars DISTANT REIKI- 60 minutes AU 65.00 dollars EMAIL TAROT OR ORACLE READINGS vary from AU 18.00 to AU 75.00 dollars FOR further information, please visit Etsy and SEARCH for soulzenhealing

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Fears Clearing emotional blocks Distant healing Oracle cards Tarot reading Usui reiki

Reiki is a japanese form of gentle, non invasive, non judgemental and loving, healing energy that the facilitator channels to the recipient through touch or non touch, to activate ones own natural self healing abilities, to restore physical and emotional health and well being. Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of your body, as well as help you regain a greater sense of self and peace. See more of the following benefits:

Reduces stress, tension & promotes relaxation, Brings relief from aches, pain and illness, Promotes healing after surgery or during recovery, Clears toxins and toxic energy stored, Promotes blood regulation & circulation, Balances hormones ~ PMS, menopause & fertility, Boosts, energises and invigorates your whole system, Raises your vibration, cleanses & strengthens your aura, Chakra alignment & kundalini renewal, Raises your level of awareness and connection to Higher Consciousness, Helps to release fear based thought patterns or old negative patterns that no longer serve you

Distant Reiki (no longer offering face to face sessions at this time) can be of benefit to those who are unable to attend an appointment with us. As mentioned above, Reiki is a non invasive energy therapy that balances & aligns the emotional, physcial, mental and spiritual body, whilst encouraging the bodys regenerative self healing abilities. 

When booking, we ask that you choose a time when you are more at ease and relaxed for the greatest benefits of distant Reiki. Belief is not a condition of receiving Reiki, so if you wish to gift someone, its ideal for anyone!

On completion of your session, you will receive feedback about where the Reiki flowed and certain issues that have been addressed, as well as any messages from spirit or card guidance if received. 

We have facilitated Distant Reiki Sessions in emergency situations for loved ones, and also offer group reiki shares via our Facebook Page. We have also facilitated Distant Reiki as far as the United States to date.

We also offer Email Readings using different divination tools, your choice of reading can consist of one through to ten or more cards.

We use Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Dice, Dominoes, Crystal Ball & Runes to do our readings.

Our EssenScents Reiki Infused Brand consisits of sprays or roller blends made with unadulterated essential oils, carrier oils, witch hazel, demineralized water. Choose from:

Sage Smudge Spray ~ Grief Support ~ Aura Cleanse & Protect ~ Sacred Self ~ Focused ~ Sunshiny You ~ Sweet Lullaby ~ Dream Catcher ~ Intuitive Awareness ~ Stop Germs & Sanitize ~ Daily Thyroid Support ~ Customised Sprays or Roller Blends for individual needs

 SHOP for a wide range of ethically sourced and high quality crystals, reading cards, books, crystals, goddess products, light blessing ritual candle and more at our Etsy Store. 

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2 Services

Half Hour Distant Reiki AU35

Energy Healing
$35 Per session

Half Hour Distant Reiki Session ~ receive life force healing energy.

One Hour Distant Reiki Session AU65

Energy Healing
$65 Per session

One Hour Distant Reiki Session ~ receive life force healing energy.


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