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Transpersonal Counselling can help you to reconnect with your inner self 

Soul Blossom - Transpersonal Counselling Sessions

Transpersonal counselling connects psychology with spirituality. In psychological terms, transpersonal means revealing the inner authenticity and true self.

Transpersonal counselling permits you to look past the undeniable emotional or physical difficulties and go further into the underlying energetic structures and belief systems that can rule your life. We understand internal dynamics and working towards re-establishing harmony, which can lead you to more prominent mindfulness and understanding of underlying patterns.

We recognise that your experience is an individual voyage and we are interested with becoming acquainted with you overall being. We provide individual support that is customised to your requirements and supports your convictions. We urge you to make change, accomplish your objectives and live life to its fullest. We believe deeply in a greater purpose in life and that you should have the opportunity to access this infinite potential.

Becoming whole isn’t about embracing the light. It is about recognising that now and again we have to go through the "haziness" and face the shadows. This can lead you to a more profound comprehension of who you are and permits you to proceed with your life's adventure with a greater sense of mindfulness and a more profound association with yourself. We will be available with you through your entire experience, holding the hallowed space for you to investigate, express and recover personal power.

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