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Soul Blossom - Vision Quests & Workshops

Spring Quest

21st - 30th October 2016

A Vision Quest is a rites of passage experience, a healing journey where outlived patterns and emotions from the past such as sadness, grief and injuries can be released. It offers the opportunity to gain clarity in times of uncertainty or you might feel a block within you, a wall you are facing and it seems impossible to break through it. The Vision Quest serves as a time to reconnect with your inner self through the catalyst of Nature, solitude and stillness. It offers the opportunity to release the past and of becoming present with your life and moving towards fulfilment, clarity and self-awareness.

The ten day journey includes:

  • Clarification of intentions

  • Medicine teachings

  • Sharing of Ceremonies

  • Three days of solo time 

  • Celebrating the evolution of personal life

  • Finding your place in the Sacred Hoop

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Gabriela Ming is a third generation healer brought up in the Swiss Alps.

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