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Soulcology Transpersonal Counselling

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Connect to your inner wisdom for healing to uncover the authentic you.

Soulcology Transpersonal Counselling

About Me

I believe the key to an authentic and joyful life is through building self awareness.

I’m Zoe Walker and I’m a Transpersonal Counsellor.

I work with people of all backgrounds helping them overcome personal crises, healing of past experiences and becoming a whole person.

After much healing, I thought the time had come to ask myself where I want my life to go. When searching around for courses to study I came across an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling at the College of Complementary Medicine. By the feeling I felt in my body I knew this was the course for me. So listening to my intuition, I enrolled in the course not knowing how much this would change my life.

As the course progressed I was able to recognise and heal the parts of my self that were hurt and this was the most compassionate thing I’d done for myself. I now understood how much all the hurt was keeping me from reaching my full potential. Also learning a lot about the essence of my being and what I truly want out of life. This helped me to be the confident, driven, natural and empathetic person that I have always been and has brought me to a place to be able to help others do the same.

I am passionate about this work because I have experienced its power first hand through my own self discovery. We all have the power to heal ourselves and navigate a path through our own personal crises. These answers lay within us, embedded in our bodies and our hearts. When we tap into these places we unlock our own inner wisdom, we build resources and we start to create a life that is true to our soul and purpose.

What Is Transpersonal Counselling?

Working from a client-centred approach I can support you with chronic pain management, post traumatic stress, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life changes, self esteem and personal empowerment. 

Transpersonal counselling has been definded as “spiritual counselling” as it allows you to access your soul, spirit or higher self through self-exploration processes. These processes will include; counselling, meditation, creative therapy, dream work, life mapping, ritual and body focused processes.

Transpersonal counselling follows the belief that mental health is a “breakthrough” and not a “breakdown”. There is also a strong link between mental health and spiritual experience.

Transpersonal counselling is an individual process and the sessions are shaped to each persons needs. This gives you the freedom, as the client, to direct the session where you need to take it for your greater good.

This form of counselling is incredibly powerful because you are able to find your own solutions to help with your concerns through accessing your own wisdom. When you are able to find your own solutions this creates self-empowerment and confidence in your own resources when future situations arise.

I will be empathetic, authentic and will hold space for you in your process to becoming whole.

Goals In Transpersonal Counselling:

  • Healing of past experiences

  • Overcoming personal crises

  • Personal Growth

  • Building confidence in your own resources

  • Becoming whole

  • Creating self awareness

  • Self empowerment

  • Gaining insights

  • Creating an authentic life

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Soulcology Transpersonal Counselling