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Soul Evolution

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Soul Evolution is a place for the people - a center that focusses on your own emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Soul Evolution

Welcome to Soul Evolution

Created by Debra Bull in January 2010, Soul Evolution hopes to merge the mainstream and the alternative worlds into one of acceptance and harmony.  Spirituality is just common sense - the common sense that seems to have gone missing in today's high pressure world.  Soul Evolution is a centre designed to help and support you  reach your own highest potential.  

All the services at Soul Evolution have a philosophical or spiritual foundation.  We offer a diverese range of services - Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Meditation, Self Development, Mediumship and Much more.  Our services are always evolving and we are regularly offering new workshops and classes to maintain your interest and enhance your own learning.

About Us

Debra has been working professionally in the Metaphysical Industry for over a decade. She has worked mainly on the Mornington Peninsula – writing, teaching and developing her own metaphysical and spiritual courses, continuing to grow and develop her own unique vision. For many years now, Debra has endeavoured to merge the metaphysical and the mainstream worlds. She is a strong believer that these two worlds should live in harmony – and she hopes to achieve her vision through her own unique brand of spiritual and metaphysical teaching. She also hopes to bring awareness to an industry that does seem to be clouded in misunderstanding and “mystery”. Spiritual principles and philosophies are really just common sense – the common sense that seems to have gone missing in our world today.

Debra provides a safe, warm and cosy environment – one where you can easily relax and unwind from the stresses of your life. Soul Evolution also offers the “body” services that can assist your own “health and wellbeing". Remedial and Therapeutic massage treatments, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Relaxation Massage are all available at Soul Evolution.

Debra has a strong belief in the philosophy of “belonging”. A sense of belonging brings out the best in people. Soul Evolution hopes to provide the “haven” where ALL people can feel safe, accepted and welcome. When people feel safe and accepted they can reach towards their highest potential – the potential to shine.


Tarot/Psychic and Channelled readings with Deb Bull – (Tarot specialist)

  • Email Reading = $35

  • 30 minute Reading = $50

  • 1 hour Read = $95

  • 2 hour Read = $150

Numerology Profiles – 20-25 page fully bound document – $95.00 – personally written by Deb Bull (these profiles are NOT computer generated making them exclusive to YOU)

Reiki Healings and Chakra Balancing – $85.00 – with Deb Bull (Reiki Master)

Massage/Clinical Services with Dr Ruth Massas – Shiatsu, Remedial, Therapeutic and Reflexology – $120 per service (Ruth has a provider number which you can claim on Private Health Insurance)

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Soul Evolution