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These days the use of essential oils are not restricted to massage or for diffusing, but have a greater use in therapeutic blends. Blends are formulated to help treat many ailments and illnesses. For centuries, these oils were used to treat many skin issues including wounds, diffusing oils to disguise aromas and for disinfecting hospitals.

Never under estimate the power of essential oils. Inhaling or diffusing essential oils can help change one’s mood, relieve stress and help with respiratory conditions.

Essential oils are primarily produced by distillation, carbonCO2 extraction or cold pressed. Oils are sort from all over the world. Australia’s list of essential oils are growing in numbers with a few boutique distillers experimenting with Australia's flora. As we are well known for Tea tree and Eucalyptus, many new and wonderful oils are becoming available with beneficial uses and effects.

When essential oils are used correctly, they can be powerful tools to help with many ailments.

How aromatherapy can help you?

    • Calm nerves as well as be uplifting
    • Assist with women's issues, cystitis,thrush
    • Bronchitis and other respiratory complaints
    • Clear sinuses
    • Assist in relieving aches and pain, including arthritis, frozen shoulders
    • Skin conditions, such as eczema,psoriasis , plus many other complaints

The French are well known for using essential oils to treat the common cold and the many other conditions. The beauty of essential oils, is that many of the oils can be used with modern day medication. With proper diagnosis and research, a blend can be formulated to assist the individual client.

Aromatic Medicine

Aromatic medicine is the next level above diploma of aromatherapy. The use of pessaries, suppositories, capsules and nebuliser solutions, are very effective modes of applications to treat many internal complaints.

Benefits of aromatic medicine:

    • improves respiratory conditions, especially lung related issues.
    • boost immune system
    • assist with upper respiratory complaints, eg: sinuses, sore throats
    • assist in dealing with cystitis and thrush
    • assist with digestive issues, eg: reflux,
    • motion sickness, morning sickness, plus many more complaints

Individual assessments are done to work out appropriate treatment plan, taking into consideration of any current medications, and any other issues that there may be.

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  • Diploma of Aromatherapy
  • Diploma of Reflexology

Advanced diploma of Aromatherapy -Aromatic Medicine


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