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Soul Haven

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Providing a Range of Professional Courses and Workshops, Perfect For Furthering Your Understanding Of a Variety of Modalities

Soul Haven - Courses & Workshops

With over 18 years of leading personal development courses, facilitating 5 overseas retreats and countless one on one sessions with individuals, Tess is a true master of personal growth, intuitive / spiritual counselling, guidance and coaching, and lasting change. Our courses deliver massive breakthroughs in self-confidence, self-love, positive influence, success mindset, leadership qualities, and self-improvement.

Mastering your mind & emotions is one of the most important skills around for living a fulfilled, love-fuelled and successful life. Why? Because the unshakable truth is that if you don’t master IT, then IT will be the master of you and your levels of happiness and success, each and every day… for the rest of your life.

Our courses, which bring you to master your mind and emotions, will allow you to discover your own unique heart-centred values; to align yourself with them so you can be in integrity each day; to choose how you think and feel at any given moment in time; and to communicate with yourself and others from a place of clarity and truth.

You will discover how to be more present, live with increased passion and fully embrace your life’s purpose through learning how to fully access these core life tools and ultimately experience how presence, passion and purpose can help you fulfil your destiny and live a heart-centred life.

Soul Haven’s yearly and shorter courses are well known for moving people through life blocks, healing traumas, changing mindsets, creating change and uncovering those deep unconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

During your journey, you will clear resistance to any past trauma and gain clarity, focus and momentum for future goals. Tess and her expert team of facilitators will lead you through a process that will be life-changing.

Personal Development Courses That Will Change Your Life

You’ll find out how to remove the negativity from your daily life both personal and business. You will rid yourself of nagging doubts and past experiences that leave you feeling like a failure. Over the duration of the course, you can be an entirely new and very successful person.

Our courses will guide you every step of the way. From self-improvement to time management, we’ve got it all. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to improve any area of your life, both professional and personal, we’ve got the perfect course to bring those tools to you. Our primary yearly personal growth courses are designed to prepare you to set goals, identify results-driven goal setting and improve your awareness in personal growth and inner awareness of self. We’ll help you understand the how to’s, no matter what you’re learning style is, we’ve got the ideal course for you.

Coaching, guiding and assisting the healing journey for others is our business and we can improve your awareness and help you to influence your life positively in no time. If you’ve always dreamed of being that self-confidant, self-loving and self-reliant person with great personal skills developed, then these courses won’t disappoint. Anyone can succeed and with our courses – they are not academic and are facilitated in a loving, comfortable and casual environment, and do not require you to have any previous requirements, except an open heart, an inquisitive mind and a willingness to look deeply at yourself. You’ll be more successful and outgoing at home and in business in no time.

Learn how to put your past trauma in life and business to good use and make it work for you. You’ll gain clarity and more focus and your momentum will be unstoppable. Don’t let the past rule you any longer, don’t let the future intimidate you. Contact us today and get started on your life changing journey.
We look forward to connecting with you.

Yearly courses have been structured for 2016. If there is something here that you have been wanting to study, wish to continue studying or perhaps further your studies of personal & spiritual development, please give us a call to reserve your place for next year.

Deposits for courses can be paid in cash, cheque, eftpos or money transfer. The balance of our courses are structured as; pay as you go. If you have any enquiries about any of these courses and wish to discuss them, please contact Tess.

NOVEMBER 29th 2015, From 10.30am onwards @ SOUL HAVEN

-Free talks on all courses and workshops, free bag of goodies,
huge discounts on 2016 courses, when signing up on the day.


Metaphysics & Personal Development - 1 Year Part Time
(School Holidays Excluded) COST: $2500
$500 Deposit Required
Balance: $2000 pay as you go in 2016
Taking Enrolments till 13th February 2016

Tuesday Nights / 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Starts 23rd February – 8th November 2016, school holidays excluded.

OR Monday Mornings / 10.30am – 1.00pm
Starts 22nd February - 7th November 2016, school holidays excluded.
(Incl Folders, Worksheets & all equipment for practicals)

Metaphysics guides you through a yearly journey of self awareness, healing and understanding mental & emotional behaviour. Through knowledge of the human body‟s energy system, we are able to better understand our mental and emotional responses and behaviour. This course will venture into a world of energy and colour, guided meditations and other various techniques to support your journey of self understanding, greater awareness, love, and self responsibility. You will heal, build self esteem, create better balance, and find a greater meaning for your life. Metaphysics is directed towards making a more conscious connection to your inner being and building inspiration, love and self empowerment. It will move you through emotional and mental blockages and help you understand why or how the human condition brings limiting opportunities of experiencing life in the way you want it. Metaphysics and personal development has a way of reaching your subconscious self and adjusting it towards the reality of positive thoughts and outcomes, simply by understanding the nature of your being. It will guide you into clearing out automatic responses which rise from resistance to change, allowing you to be the owner and director of your life. You will simply love this course if your into making a better life for yourself. Each class is structured with a technique to assist you in self realisation and awareness. Looking at life through different eyes to bring you greater ways of understanding yourself and others. This is definitely a healing experience.


Oh Wow, what a journey this year has been. We were told at the commencement of the Metaphysics Course that we would not be the same person by the end - they weren't fibbing! The teachers have provided a safe and loving learning environment for my Spirit to truly blossom. I have been able to accept and learn from past life events, that prior to this course, weighed me down and have truly learnt self-love, inner peace, non-judgement and have a greater understanding of "life", especially my life. I highly recommend this course to every human being on this planet, actually, I think that it should be mandatory for every human on this Earth! ........Nikki Green (Metaphysics 2014)

I have studied with Soul Haven and I am 66yrs old so I feel you are never too old to find out about yourself. It is the best money I have ever spent on myself. The teachers are excellent and know their stuff. I have made some beautiful friendships through the courses and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these courses and teachers to anyone, so that on your journey you are finding out about yourself and can then go out and help others to spread the Love.Sandra Strachan (Metaphysics 2007 & 2014)

I enrolled in metaphysics in 2014 because I wanted to understand myself and the people around me better. Today having finished, I feel enormous gratitude towards Tess Morabito, for teaching me the most important tools to navigate my life with. Most importantly, I am loving my spirit so much more, because I can apply metaphysics to understand and free myself from dramas, annoyances, frustrations and endless situations which stop the flow of love in my life. This course with Tess has been a life changing experience; she is direct, funny, sensitive and full of love, knowledge and dedication. Everyone should do this course!! .... Romina Giordano (Metaphysics 2014)

Advanced Metaphysics & Personal Development – 1 year Part Time
(Excluding School Holidays) COST: $2200
$500 Deposit Required
Balance: $1700 pay as you go in 2016
Taking enrolments till 13th February 2016

Thursday Nights / 6.30pm – 9pm
Starts 25th February – 10th November, school holidays excluded
(Incl Worksheets & props/tools for practicing)

Advanced Metaphysics is the study of categories of existence: time, space, laws of nature, possibility, objects, identity, causation, etc. But how do we study such abstract notions? Is the aim of metaphysics to uncover features of the world that are beyond (or ‘prior to’) empirical science?

Being an advanced course, this course will offer of an in-depth examination of the 12 Universal Laws and their Sub Laws. The course will concentrate on the major views of the laws and their sub laws, as well as learning to integrate the awareness and understanding that you abide by these laws, so learning how to use them effectively. This course will introduce you to discussions in metaphysics concerning the 12 Universal Laws & their sub laws.


A comprehensive & well-founded knowledge in the laws and their sub laws. An understanding of how other disciplines relate to the laws.


Interact effectively with others in order to work towards a common outcome.

To select & use the appropriate level, style & means of communication for yourself. Engage effectively & appropriately with info you receive internally.


The ability to work & learn independently. To generate ideas & adapt to changing environments. Identify problems, create solutions, improve your practices.


The ability to define problems from the heart based center. To apply reasoning to issues through independent discernment. To evaluate opinions, make decisions & reflect on the justifications for your decisions.


An understanding of social and civic responsibility and how your energy interacts. A knowledge and respect of ethics and ethical standards from understanding your connection to the one and the many.

How to become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your own life

Our Universe is run by Universal Laws. These laws are as real as the laws of physics. Once you know how these laws work you will know "The rules to the Game of Life". Most people are ignorent of these laws and as such they are unconscious creators of their own reality.

This course will help you become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your own reality. Anything is possible once you know these laws.

This course will show you how the Universe is set up and how The 12 Universal Laws work. You will be given actions steps you need to take for each law helping you become a conscious creator of your own reality.

Taking this course will change your life for the better since you will "know the rules to the game". Most people don´t know about these laws so taking this course will help become a conscious creator of your own reality and a conscious co-creator of the world.

What are the requirements?

A pre-requisite for this course is Metaphysics level 1 and a requirement is an OPEN MIND since this is a spiritual course. You are more than your body.

You are body, mind and soul.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 25 lectures and 2.5 Hours x 32 Weeks content

In house, supporting the course material.

You will know each of the 12 Universal Laws and how this will help you become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your life. You will see how the Universe is set up as a Frequency game and you will know the rules (laws) to The Game of Life.

Anyone can take this course as long as they keep an open mind and have studied Metaphysics level 1. This is a spiritual course focusing on you being body, mind AND soul.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem, a 21 day grace period is offered.
  • Forever yours integrated knowledge.
  • Lifetime access to your spirit self.
  • Learn on the go.
  • Certificate of completion

Spiritual Healing & Personal Development - 1 Year Part Time
(School Holidays Excluded) COST: $2300
$500 Deposit Required
Balance: $1800 pay as you go in 2016
Taking enrolments till 13th February 2016

Wednesday Nights / 7pm – 9.30pm
Starts 24th February - 9th November, school holidays excluded
(Incl Folders, Weekly Worksheets & all props/tools for practical work)

Spiritual / Energetic Healing will teach you basic techniques on working with the energy flow from universal energy, earth energy and how to rebalance the chakra system. The chakra system is one of the oldest known systems of the human body with over 4000 years of written history through the ancient Hindu texts. More recently over the past 60 years it has come to western consciousness.

You will be taken through the basics of the seven chakra system and be shown how to assess and rebalance the system, promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

You will also learn how to assess and rebalance the auric field. The aura is part of the human energy system that emanates the energy from within. This healing module will teach you a number of aura healing techniques to promote the smooth flow of energy into and through the chakra system and the physical body.

The complexities of the aura can be broken down and easily understood when presented in the right way. So often, you are actually in touch with your auric field through your feelings but simply don’t realise it. Viewing the aura is a simple skill everyone can learn very quickly. The ability to translate that into a healing modality is also a very easy and simple skill to learn that „anybody‟ can do. This is part of what you will learn in Spiritual Healing.

You will also be taught various skills in how to deal with people.

It is important to have a well-developed sense of confidence in whatever techniques you do. This is beneficial on many levels, not only to strengthen your understanding and ability at this level, but it then opens your sense of self-worth and purpose, that in turns leads you to becoming more open in life in general, not just to be better at the healing skills, but in every area of your life.

This course is designed to help you in working with spirit to gently heal body, mind and soul. Energetic healing is the most holistic healing of all, restoring peace and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. In this course, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding and awareness of the chakras, the aura and other energetic structures of the human being. You’ll learn how to access healing energy and direct it to where it’s most needed for your own wellbeing and that of others.
Spiritual Healing will teach you how to have formed intuitive connections with your guides, how to build a channel to spirit, and become attuned to your powers as an energetic healer.

Have you ever felt a tingling or sensation in your hands…? Then this course is for you!

The following course outline is what you will learn:
  • The nature of spiritual / energetic healing / What is energy?
  • Learning the Energy system of the human body
  • The Aura & The layers of the Auric Body in greater detail
  • Colour and their vibrational effect on the body
  • Chakras, what are they?
  • Learn Healing Meditations and 14 Healing Techniques
  • The Nature of Dis-ease, what is it?
  • Chakras in greater detail
  • Belief Structures and Affirmations
  • Over-extended and Under-extended Chakras
  • Setting up a healing room & healing Techniques
  • What is the Soul‟s Journey?
  • The seven layers of the chakras.
  • Healing the seven layers of the chakras
  • The kundalini, Ida, Pingala & Shushumna, what are they?
  • The Nadi system, the connection to the Endocrine System
  • Healing the Nadi system
  • Healing with Crystals
  • Student Clinic one class


My journey started in 2013 at the age of 19, studying the course metaphysics opened up greater awareness for myself. Finding out things that where not even recognised by myself. In the year 2012 I completed year 12 HSC still transitioning with working and dealing with occasional problems and stuff that comes up in life. I am so happy and respectful for myself to have competed this one year metaphysics and personal development course. I have changed as a person to be more positive and also approaching every situation differently. Every day you have a chance to make your life better for yourself, but yet so many people think life is against them.

So followed by metaphysics I thought it would be interesting to undertake a short course that Nikki was teaching, having a general openness to the spiritual world and using our intuition. The most fun and mind blowing information in mediumship reading I have given, which still sits in the back of my head today.

This year I have chosen to take up Spiritual healing after my most favourable and loved Aunty Sue. I will tell you something! Being 20 and undergoing this course changed my life something chronic. BEST COURSE OUT!!!

Tess Morabito my teacher for both courses has been nothing but inspirational and supportive. The knowledge you have Tess has brought everyone a clarification in their lives. Many thanks to you Tess !

Thank you !! XX ....... Joshua Stojanovski (Metaphysics 2013 & Spiritual Healing 2014)

Advanced Healing Techniques - 1 Year Part Time
(School Holidays Excluded) COST: $2200
$500 Deposit Required
Balance: $1700 pay as you go in 2016
Taking enrolments till 13th February 2016

Friday Mornings / 10.30am - 1pm
Starts 26th February – 28th October, school holidays excluded.
(Incl Folders, Worksheets & all props for healing practices)
(Pre-requisite is Spiritual Healing Level 1 Completed)

If you have completed Spiritual / Energetic Healing Level 1, then you are able to do Advanced Spiritual Healing Techniques. This course is designed for those healers who want that extra bit more and who wish to use these techniques in their own practice or further their studies of the human energy field. This course will teach you some of the deeper techniques applied during healing, such as sound therapy and symbols, holographic healing techniques on cellular levels, working medically intuitively, understanding meridians, co-creating a plan of transformation for clients as well as helping to break repetitive patterns. This modality not only assists individuals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, but also on the intra-dimensional levels as well; allowing them to break repetitive patterns of dis-ease that other modalities had not. You will be required to choose volunteers as case studies for Level 2, where you will be working with these people throughout the duration of the course.

Advanced Spiritual / Energetic Healing allows for healing to occur at a level deep enough to break patterns of dis-ease that have been unconsciously held in the energy fields of the body creating disharmony. Another element of this advanced technique involves working directly with the client to raise their level of consciousness and realign them with their power and purpose in life. One of the best things about these healing techniques is that it is completely mold-able to the individuals needs and requires nothing more than the knowledge that you can re-create your life. Whether it is healing from a disease, creating a new career, manifesting abundance in your life or aligning with your souls purpose, Advanced Spiritual healing techniques can facilitate that shift for you and assist you in transforming your life as well as helping others to do the same!


I could not imagine my life any other way before I began studying with Soul Haven. A veil was removed off my eyes with my first course in metaphysics and personal development ( numerous watershed moments that will change your life). 7 years later, many more layers of the veil continue to be stripped and after completing Advanced Healing Techniques in 2014...I found the answer, to the ultimate question 'who am I?'

I would of never imagine my growth, my capacity for love within myself without the help of Tess and her not only teach from the heart but in many other ways you can comprehend. Tess's teaching is COLOURFUL and never dull.
Marty Chow (Metaphysics 2010, Spiritual Healing 2013, Advanced Healing Techniques 2014)

Parapsychology & Personal Development – 1 Year Part Time
(Excluding School Holidays) COST: $2000
$500 Deposit Required
Balance: $1500 pay as you go in 2016
Taking enrolments till 13th February 2016

Monday Nights / 6.30pm – 9pm
Starts 22nd February – 7th November, school holidays excluded
(Incl Worksheets & props/tools for practicing)

This course is designed to develop intuitive process's through the practice of opening one's energy field. Every person is gifted with 5 spiritual senses. These senses can be compared to our 5 physical senses. People use them every day, although, they may not know it. This course offers the experimental side of energy and is filled with psychic games to enhance one’s ability to explore a deeper part of human experience. It is a personal development course filled with continuous meditation techniques, such as: Psychic circles, opening intuition, dreams, telepathy, numerology, dowsing, psychic games, psychometry, tarot, crystals, Fen Shui, card readings, Palmistry, Medicine Wheels, intuitive readings and much more. If you are interested in internal research and are looking to develop and discover your inner skills, this course will inspire you. Many have completed this course with having gained more confidence in their abilities, increased their psychic awareness and integrated deeper knowledge of how their spiritual senses work for them in everyday life.


My name is Mary Whyte. I came across soul Haven a year and a half ago and it has completely changed my life. How? With what has been taught to me through love and experience from the teachers I have learnt to see and think life differently. Soul Haven gives me the tools to be able to live a simpler, loving life. I have had many traumas in life that I have carried with me throughout my 47 years which has weighed me down. Over the last 18 months I have become lighter because the burdens I carried have lessened and the more I work with these beautiful teachers at Soul Haven the lighter I am becoming and it feels so wonderful and freeing.

Funny that I joined this group to become a more spiritual being and my thought was that I could one day read peoples past/present/future and be known as a good medium/tarot reader/physic being and here I am informing you that my eyes were opened up to a different level of consciousness, one that involves helping me first. One day, I know that I will be able to do the physic side if I choose to however I am happy at the moment just finding out how I tick, the rest will fall in place. Another bonus I found with this group is the new friends I have made.

To the teachers at Soul Haven, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way to a more happier and conscious living and for opening your hearts and your ears.


Crystal Healing
10 weeks COST: $800
Friday Nights / 6.30pm – 8.30/9pm
Starts 6th May – 8th July 2016.

Field Trip day on Sunday 24th July 2016
(Incl Folders, Worksheets, Chakra Crystal Set, Crystal Pendulum, Crystals for Elixirs, Bach Flower Remedies and a Bag of Clear Quartz Points, plus all crystals for activities)

Crystal Therapy can be very powerful when we have the knowledge of how to use these lovely gifts from the earth. Did you know that Crystals with specific healing properties can be used to treat physical, emotional and mental conditions? This awesome course will teach you about the “The laying on of stones and crystals” to the body, how to activate and align the body's major energy centres and promote physical and emotional healing. During the 10 weeks you will learn how and where to place crystals of the appropriate colour and vibration, onto the seven corresponding chakra points of the body, with various hands on healing techniques included for specific ailments. You will also learn about particular crystals that can be used for various situations, symptoms and desires and you will be able to put this into form and practice. You will discover how to make crystal elixirs and Grids effectively and even how to feng shui your home with crystals. This course is for those who wish to gain confidence in using crystals for their healing purposes as well as understanding their healing properties, the messages they bring and how to take care of these friends of ours. You will receive in this course to work with, your very own satin bag with a set of Chakra crystals, a crystal pendulum, all ingredients for crystal elixirs and room sprays, as well as worksheets with folders. This course includes a small section on Bach Flower Remedies and Crystals combined, where you get to make your own personalised remedy. You are also welcome to bring in your own crystals to work with and to gain a deeper understanding of their uses and attributes. We are full of knowledge on crystals and enjoy sharing this with you regarding your own crystals. We work with „Melodys crystal reference books as they are abundant with different crystals, from the most common to the rarest of beauties but we are not limited to these references only. The most exciting addition to our course is the inclusion of a field trip after the last class, to an exclusive crystal wholesaler, for your opportunity to purchase rare gems and crystals at heavily discounted prices. All our students walk away from this course with full confidence in working with crystals for everyday use; from mediation, to feng shui, to healing, to scrying, to understanding what each shaped crystal represents and how to best use it. There is no need to know much about the energy centres (chakras) of the body; as you will also learn about these in this course, plus so much more.

Journey through the Tarot Level 1
4 Months COST: $950
Saturday Mornings / 10.30am – 12.30am
Starts 9th April – 30th July 2016
(Incl Folders, Worksheets, Spreads, Tarot Bag & Rider Whaite Tarot Deck)

We are pleased to take you through this beautiful healing journey of the Tarot. You will understand and implement the Tarot through learning the meanings of each card and doing practice exercises with your newly acquainted class mates. These cards have been used for centuries and hold deep and meaningful insights and understanding into the journey of life. Each card is a representation of events, issues, ideas and concepts that you are able to put together to form stories, plans, dreams and desires into understanding and action. You will learn about the meaning of numbers, colours, elements, star signs and certain symbols represented on the cards. By the end of the course, you will be able to read into the depth of a person’s situation and effectively offer insight through the cards, into what it is they wish to heal, overcome or understand. The Tarot is a wonderful teacher, tool and guide to understanding the self and human patterns and behaviours, helping you to clear out certain issues around your life...and others! As well as that, you gain a deeper understanding to the hidden subconscious messages you hold, through the interpretation of the Tarot. Many have fear Tarot readings for the fact that they are afraid to hear something that they don't want to, or they believe that they will be told something bad. At Soul Haven, we do not facilitate the Tarot in this way. We help you to understand and develop a relationship with these amazing tools, in order to help yourself or others understand hidden aspects, messages and guidance on paths followed. This course will deepen your understanding of the conscious self, as it delves into our deeper layers.

If you think you can’t read the energy of Tarot cards, then think again…..! We all have this ability and it’s just a matter of learning how to tap into it.

We have students of the past that have taken this Tarot Journey, who have read and guided others at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. If you think this is your path and would like to help others through the journey of interpreting energy and symbols, then this course is for you.


This is my first year with Soul Haven. I can honestly say that our union has been life changing. The courses that I studied have given me tools to take responsibility for myself and finally find the freedom to be my true and highest self. Thanks to the guidance of these beautiful ladies, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and have found within a strength, courage and love that I only dreamed about. I wish that all could be as lucky as I in discovering the bond with their Higher Spirit and getting shown the tools to strengthen that bond, so that the benefits from the course enable on-going growth in love and light into the future and for lifetimes to come. I feel so much love and gratitude for this year past and am looking forward to continuing my journey alongside the beautiful and TRUE friends that I have now. Xxxxxxxx love love love, Amelia Alexander
(Courses Studied 2014: Metaphysics, Crystal Healing & Journey through the Tarot Level I).

Journey through the Tarot Level 2
8 Weeks COST: $480
Saturday Mornings / 10.30am – 12.30am
Starts 3rd September – 22nd October 2016
(Incl Folders, Worksheets & other tools for interactive learning)

Due to popular demand of the interpretation of the Tarot on an even deeper soul level, we are pleased to take you through the extended version now available as level 2. We have created this course from feedback and with those in mind who wish to further their studies of the Tarot cards. You will understand and implement the Tarot on a deeper level through learning the meanings of each card on a soul level and doing practice exercises with your newly acquainted class mates. These cards have been used for centuries and hold deep and meaningful insights and understanding into the journey of life. Each card is a representation of events, issues, ideas and concepts that you are able to put together to form stories, plans, dreams and desires into understanding and action. You will learn further information about the colours and numbers as well as the meanings of each card. You will also learn to implement other cards and read them side by side with the Tarot. Complex Tarot spreads are studied and these classes are complete with weekly exercises, readings and tuning in to each other. Meditations of opening up are involved in every class and other tools will be applied to the Tarot cards that compliment your readings further. The Tarot is a wonderful teacher, tool and guide to understanding the self and human patterns and behaviours. This course will delve you deeper; get ready for further growth and understandings.

Psychic Development Course
10 weeks COST $480
Friday Nights / 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Starts 29th July - 30th September 2016
(Incl Worksheets & props/tools for practising)

This course is designed to awaken the energies of the true self and true knowing in your body. You will learn ways in which you can use your intuition and psychic abilities consciously and intentionally. The training you receive here will also help you with relationships, careers, or any area where higher guidance could be beneficial in your life or the lives of others. What you will discover in this course, is methods and practices which will enable you to be more open to receive information from your soul/Higher Self at all times. You will learn ways to trust your own special abilities and your intuition. There are exercises and meditation techniques to awaken these energies within you, bring to light the power of perception. What are the gifts that you possess? This is an enlightening course that enables you to see the world through different eyes, and also lots of fun, as you discover what unique qualities your mind and energy is actually capable of. Everybody has intuition and psychic abilities….We just need to learn how to open them up and use them. This course is suitable for basic to medium psychic skills and for those who want to begin to open up to these skills.

In this course you will learn the following:
  • How to train and use your psychic senses.
  • Open up to give and receive healing.
  • Making contact with your angels, guides and spirit relatives.
  • Cutting energy cords from others and towards others.
  • Psychometry – Reading the energy of one’s belongings, such as jewellery.
  • Pendulum – How to use and work with the pendulum.
  • Absent or Basic Healing.
  • Psychic Defence / Protection.
  • House Energy clearing.
  • Readings for the self & others.
  • Self Observation Exercises.
  • Mediumship Exercises
  • Aura’s and how to see them.
  • Chakra’s and the subtle bodies – what are they..?
  • Dreams and dream recall focus, plus what they mean


Entities, Parasites of the Human Body
Offering a clear understanding of what they are
$115 (Incl all Worksheets)
Date: TBA - Please ring us to check

"The term 'entity' refers to non-physical beings, presences which come to be attached to human beings and act as parasites, thereby creating various emotional, mental and physical problems ranging from eating disorders and uncontrollable emotions to the most severe diseases. The topic is both old and new. Old, because in all traditions and folklores of the earth, one finds references to spirits and non-physical beings which can interfere with human beings. At the same time, in the western world, the topic of entities can be regarded as quite new, for it has very rarely been studied seriously. Even though entities appear to play a significant role in a number of mental and health disorders, minor and major, one does not find a systematic way of dealing with them in any of the main forms of therapy presently used. The purpose of this workshop is to present certain basic facts relating to entities and to analyse their mechanisms, motivations and functioning, as well as to offer a better understanding of what entities are. You will learn to recognise what entities want, how they interfere with their hosts, and why and how they came to invade them. More than anything else it is this pattern, or 'entity syndrome', that you will begin to understand in this workshop, as well as knowing that with knowledge comes power. Power to change the way we see things, therefore changing us.

Embracing Your Shadow Self
$130 (Incl all Worksheets & Practical Exercises)
Date: TBA – Please ring us to check

Do you do or say things you are not proud of? Do you lash out at your spouse, your children or your co-workers? Do you have addictions to alcohol, drugs, food or something else? Have you sabotaged your new diet or a new goal? These are all parts of the shadow self’s in our lives. The shadow self workshop will not only shows us how to unveil our shadows but how to understand and deal with them. Bringing our shadows to light accesses power, happiness, consciousness and confidence that we are living our lives to their fullest potential.

Our shadows will find a way to express itself if repressed. Our shadows can present themselves by having us project onto others things we seemingly despise. Our shadows are those messages we send ourselves when we are not CONSCIOUS, that belittle us. Facing our shadows DOES empower us to be MORE than we ever felt safe to dream we could be.

Embracing our shadow calls attention to some of the masks we wear and assumptions we make. It shows us that in acceptance and turning inward to face the dark we can allow the light to shine in. This workshop WILL awaken and inspire you. This is an important workshop at a crucial time for humanity. Some people might consider facing their shadows as scary but others consider it scary NOT to face them. By facing your shadow self’s, you can understand them, control them and become a conscious creator of your life. Not dealt with — these shadows WILL surface — and usually you will not notice until damage is done to yourself or to the people around you.

This workshop will leave you inspired and compelled to take an evolutionary leap with successful and proven processes given on the day. You will be guided through various exercises designed to reveal the shadow self’s effects in your own life, which will presents you with opportunities to transcend personal limitations.

The Real Law of Attraction & Manifestation
$115 (Incl all Worksheets)
Date: TBA – Please ring us to check

This workshop is designed to show you, what the Law of Attraction actually is in reality, and how you can apply it in your life. The Law of Attraction is often misunderstood, or believed to be something it is not. By the end of this workshop, you are going to fully understand what an incredible and practical power you have available to you. You will be stunned by how perfectly it works and you will also be amazed at how you can immediately apply it in your life. You can use it to help yourself improve absolutely any area. But you need to know its secrets, if you are going to be able to use it effectively. You will know for once and for all why the Law of Attraction works, what is the power which allows it to work, and what you need to do to put it into effect. You can use it to help you attract, as fast as possible, any desires you want fulfilled.

You will dissolve any limiting patterns you may have, which are blocking the power of the law of attraction and how to stop attracting things you don't want, and how to let go of situations and people you want to release from your life. You will learn about the extraordinary powers your mind has and how you can access these powers for your own use. You will hear about the structures called Attractors, that activate the Law of Attraction, and how you must create or access new ones if you want to change your life. You will find out how to increase the power of your energy to increase the potency of the Law of Attraction, and so bring to you the desires you want more easily. And finally, you will be shown how you can awaken to a more powerful part of yourself, and so open to far greater opportunities than you ever dreamed possible. Anyone can do all of these once they know how.

The Law of Attraction is vital knowledge for every human being and this workshop is designed to help you make full use of it. It is almost like having an invisible genius, living right next to you, helping you in every way possible. Your life becomes filled with significant coincidences and extraordinary gifts. By importing into your mind how the Law of Attraction works, it will become embedded within you, and therefore be an integral and natural part of how you think, act and behave. We will describe for you the real law of attraction, which is a far more powerful force than you have considered. If you want to learn how to access it through your mind, then this workshop is a must…!

If you have any enquiries about any of these courses and wish to discuss them, please contact Tess.

Qualification Details

  • 12 years of Metaphysics and Personal Development – Chiara College, Innerlight Journeys, India, Egypt
  • Advanced Certificate of Spiritual Healing – Chiara College 2000
  • Advanced Certificate in Healing Application – Chiara College 2001
  • Crystology Level 1 & 11 – Kay Ford Master of Crystology, Auckland, New Zealand, 2002
  • 2 years Reiki Usui System Level 1 & 11 – Isabelle Meslet Dina, Reiki Master, 2002-2003
  • Massage / Transformational Bodywork – Centre for Human Transformation 2004
  • Holistic Counselling – College of Holistic Counselling, Sydney 2005/2006
  • Touch For Health Kinesiology - Innerlight Journeys, Sydney 2009
  • 2 years with the S.O.L.A.R Institute of Enlightenment

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