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Contact Name Kristie Hayden
Phone +61425734496
Mobile 0425734496
Address Marcoola QLD 4564
Servicing Areas Sunshine Coast & Surrounds
Freedom from Fear


Bringing Back Magic, Trust & Joy to Your Babys Birth Journey

Connection NOT Perfection 1 Day Workshops

Do you dream of approaching the birth of your baby with a sense of ease, calmness and joy?

Let go of control, surrender to knowledge and wisdom of the ages:

Women are Designed to Birth their Baby

Preparing for the birth of your baby can be an anxious journey filled with both excitement and dread.

We have all heard the negative stories of other birth journeys, however, as no two people are identical, no two birth journeys will be the same. The pain experienced in labour & birth is physiological or healthy pain .. This means that there is a reason for the sensations that are being felt, it stops and starts and the outcome is worth the effort.

Fear in labour & birth create tension & when we are in a stressed state of being optimal blood and oxygen cannot flow to the uterus, this can exacerbate the pain and even stop labour progressing.

By preparing for birth with knowledge, love and acceptance - you can achieve the Birth of your Dreams

Getting regular therapeutic care during the length of your pregnancy is suggested so that for your body, mind and baby are prepared, healthy and excited about the journey ahead.

Kristie is a child birth educator and is trained in Acupuncture, Energetic Kinesiology, Pre & Post Natal Yoga & Calmbirth. With over 15yrs working with women during pregnancy, preparing for birth & beyond she has developed her own way of helping couples connect, nurture and enjoy the journey of pregnancy & birth. With private consultations available to treat ailments such as:

  • Morning Sickness

  • Pain

  • Energy Levels

  • Mood & Emotions

  • Relationship Connection

  • Anxiety &

  • Much More..

And Kristie's Signature 1 day Workshop developed for the birthing mother & her support person

Connection NOT Perfection

Kristie Also Teaches Private Calmbirth Classes..

Calmbirth® is a childbirth education class aimed at helping couples achieve a calm, peaceful and beautiful birth however it may unfold. This programme was developed by an amazing male midwife and private subconscious healing practitioner and thus Calmbirth® has its foundations based on sound research, observation and clinic experience and allows women to discover however and whatever makes them feel safe, uninhibited and secure is what to embrace during their labour and birth experience.

During the workshop we explore techniques to dismantle fear, anxiety and resurrect trust in the body’s natural capabilities. We will explore our innate subconscious resources via relaxation, visualizations and the breath… We also encourage, support and guide family bonding between a couple as they prepare for the birth of their baby.

At the end of the weekend we will have demystified the physiology of birth and provided you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to achieve the calm and joyful birth that you dream of having. The workshop will get you thinking about your birth as a safe, pleasurable and natural experience - the way nature intended it to be. It teaches you to not be afraid and to approach your birth with confidence and excitement and when that magical day in the future arises you are able to just let your birth experience unfold as you surrender to it.

Your baby is already tuned into your every thought and your every feeling, wont it be wonderful to spend an entire weekend focused on your little miracle.


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Qualification Details

  • Bach. Hlth. Sci. TCM - Acupuncture
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Manaka Protocols
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Toyohari (Japanese Acupucnture)
  • Advanced Certificates in Fertility & Paediatrics
  • Certificate in Polarity Therapy
  • Energetic Kinesilogy for Professionals

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