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Soul Medicine

Servicing area: Bondi Junction NSW

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Connect to your inner energy to find your greatest potential in life.

Metaphysics Training, Spiritual Healing & Holistic Treatments

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Hello! I’m Elisabeth. Welcome to Soul Medicine, the doorway which leads you to your inner energy, beauty and greatest potential. 

Having spent about 12 years in Kogarah building a successful flourishing business I now have relocated to Bondi junction. 

I still offer some services my regulatr clients have enjoyed especially Reiki spiritually guided healing sdessions.

Whether you’re looking to re- focus your body or re-balance your mind and spiritor or just simply beautify your soul, you have come to the right place.

Soul Medicine was created for anyone seeking a complete holistic overhaul or just a little TLC; whether you stay for 60 minutes or 2 hours, you will leave glowing with the energy for healing.

I offer in-house training and offer subject exploration in the area in metaphysics, the study of reality beyond the physical realm, as well as special holistic treatments to aid you in your quest for your higher purpose in life.

I offer programs based on the teaching in A Course in Miracles, I have studied and taught the Course in Miracles for 28 y4eaqrs now.

My goal is to open your heart and re-establish your health and well-being.

I am especially passionate about LOVE recovery. Unfathomable as it may sound, it’s the process of eradicating fear. For where there is no fear, love is revealed.

No matter how difficult life is, how heavy your burden is, how unfair the lessons you gathered seem to be, you can overcome all these and more with the strength of love.

I have all the love of the universe flowing through me, and through its divine laws I hope to share with you my beloved and esteemed kindred spirits.

This universe has more than enough energy in each one of us to light an entire city for one week. Don’t conceal it, for when shared simultaneously with others, it can inspire everyone to feel, know, and give love. 

I am available for private consultations, group sessions, and workshops.

Book an appointment and let me help you develop your greater awareness and consciousness.

Qualification details

I am a practicing Reiki master.
Soul Medicine