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Soul Mission Healing

Akashic Record Soul Clearings and Soul Profiles

Akashic Record Healings

Using the Akashic Records as my guide, I offer Soul Profiles and Clearings

This is a multidimensional soul clearing that also provides an opportunity to learn about who you are at Soul level and clear negative energy, contracts, vows, implants, and karma that is no longer justified. 

There is so much negative energy on the planet and we are manifesting even more at the moment.

Negative energy and karmic blockages store in our energetic field and is carried around with us, lowering our vibration and eventually, without attention, can make us feel physically and mentally unwell. 

There may also be tears and scars in our energetic anatomy which need to be healed. Soul facets missing or tears in our chakras.

A Soul clearing heals all of these things. 

There is a lot of work that happens in the background with Akashic Record healings (around 2 hours) work so the price includes the session plus the investigative work I do in your record beforehand.

Spiritual Counselling sessions provide support and a framework for taking the action your soul needs to transform and step in to purpose and face shadow aspects of yourself to heal.

Soul Profile + Soul Clearing - allow 60- 90 min on Zoom - $220

Spiritual Counselling - allow 60 min on Zoom - $100 

Standalone Soul Clearing - allow 45-60 min on Zoom - $150

Property Clearing - can send a report or 30 min on Zoom - $90


# 1: Soul Clearing + Soul Profile + Property Clearing $300 

# 2: Full Package above + 2 Counselling sessions $450

After payment is received, a Soul Check is done to confirm your soul is suitable for this work.

If I receive a no to proceed in the Akashic Records, a full refund is provided. 



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