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Ann Rodis

Melbourne VIC 3000

Servicing area: Worldwide

Specialists in transforming patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours to achieve greater joy and success in every area of life!

About Soul Destiny

Welcome to Soul Destiny

Soul’s Destiny focuses on healing and education. We aim to assist individuals to profoundly and truly transform their lives and to develop a sense of who they are and what they want to achieve from their lives. With a larger percentage of their work being repeat business and client referrals, our results speak for themselves.

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Our Mission

To assist people in making the most of their lives. To show them that they are the creators of their reality and to recognise their own power and ability to create what they want.

Our Vision

To empower others to overcome life's obstacles, to reach their full potential and live their purpose. To support each soul in reaching their destiny.

Our Goals

Teaching and imparting healing tools that can be shared and utilised to transform the energy and minset of each individual to achieve a Educating and imparting healing tools that can be shared and used to transfer the energy and mindset of each individual to achieve a consciousness of greater love, self-worth, peace and purpose.

About Rachael

Rachael is the manager of Soul's Destiny. She has a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and is Reiki II certified. She is fully qualified in Counselling and Coaching and is a certified Soul Realignment practitioner. Rachael has done further studies in Soul Based Therapy and is a course facilitator and lecturer at The Institute of Soul Based Therapy.

Rachael has been practising for 8 years, with her work focused on helping people to become empowered, confident and happy and to create the lives they wish to live. With her experience and knowledge, she is able to assist people to change their lives.

Rachael utilises Akarshic Record reading to assist people in recognising who they truly are. Through this awareness she helps them to become empowered to live with their soul characteristics. She is also passionate about helping people to understand the negative choices and deep negative beliefs and fears that are influencing their experiences and what they manifest. This, in turn, brings about an experience of their lives that is more loving, joyful, harmonious and purposeful.

Rachael is also excited about helping children so that they can live more positive lives from an early age. She embraces any opportunity to assist them in their formative years so that they may grow up feeling secure, confident and empowered.

Through her spiritual understanding and compassionate nature, Rachael utilises Soul Based Therapy to guide you and support you along your path of healing and awakening. Her natural innate wisdom makes her a very valuable and desirable assistant for helping you to achieve your desired goals.

About Ann

Ann Rodis is the founder of Soul Based Therapy. Ann has been helping individuals in this way for 20 years and effectively runs a successful and busy practice in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Ann has written a book on this topic and is currently launching a course to instruct others about this approach to improve both their own lives and to assist others -

Ann has her Masters in Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Applied Science in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate IV in Counselling and Conflict Resolution, Reiki II and also has 25 years’ of experience in the medical field. Ann is a member of the ASCH, AHS, ACA, MTB, TNI and is registered with most health funds that include “hypnotherapy” in their cover.

Throughout the years, Ann’s work has evolved and she has been able to empower the lives of many clients and this led to the development of Soul Based Therapy which is the approach that is utilised at Soul's Destiny today. Some of the techniques that are used may be provided by other practitioners however when incorporated into Soul Based Therapy, the experience and results are more thorough and profound.

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