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SoulShine Reiki

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You know when you feel unbalanced, out of sorts, like the whole world is out to wind you up...

Well what I do is help you change the way you react to your world, making you calmer, more peaceful and more productive even in the face of your daily stressors.

SoulShine Reiki

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SoulShine Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing therapy.

Promoting peace, calm and well being.

Deeply relaxing it can assist with pain relief, stress reduction, injuries, mood, high blood pressure and has positive effects on the immune system. Reiki works on your body’s energy channels, recharging and clearing. Your own personal energy download, without any limits.

At present reiki is being used clinically in over 70 hospitals in the US. Reiki can also work on deeper energetic areas gently allowing for big changes to occur in your life.


The word Reiki comes from two words- Rei and Ki.

Rei is generally accepted as meaning universal energy and Ki meaning life force. Reiki is rooted in ancient hands on healing, thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by Dr Mikao Usui. A Japanese Buddhist who was brought to the path of Reiki during a 21 day fasting retreat on Mt Kurama.

By his account after he was awakened to the power of Reiki he descended the mountain retreat and on the way treated injured people he encountered. He laid hands on the affected areas till the pain abated. He then set up his clinic to treat all manner of patients for specific injuries and aliments. In 1922 he established the, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, (society), and became recognised throughout Japan for re-starting 'hands on healing' Today Reiki has developed to be less specific and more an overall healing practice.

The idea of laying hands on an injury isn’t a new idea, it is the first response to any pain we feel, a mother’s first reaction to a fall or accident involving their child. All human touch is powerful, and those that aren’t touched suffer, physically and emotionally. It is this power of touch that is the basis of Reiki.

Reiki talks of energy and energy blocks, there are volumes of words written about this energy. What I know from my practice is that it works. Like acupuncture without the needles, the energy channels that Chinese practitioners use are the same ones that Reiki works on.

We are all energy, much more than just our physical parts, more complex than we really know and at the same time as simple as the bunch of single cells that we are. Under the facade of our 'dress' cells we are all the same, your skin cells look like mine and the atoms that make those cells are the same, we are energy, pure and simple.

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