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Soul Tree Shamanic

Self Energy healing Meditation ...

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Kahuna massage Therapy, Deep tissue massage, Relaxation massage, Energy healing and sound therapy.

Soul Tree Shamanic

James is a Kahuna body worker. He has been studying self healing for 10 years. Within this journey he has become a kahuna body worker, studied various types of shamanic healing and also holding meditations using sound. James plays the didgeridoo, handpan, native flute and crystal bowls. 

Within the kahuna body work session James uses all the integrated tools from his journey, using energy healing, sound healing with the all the instruments mentioned above. Using these practices he is able to leave all people who receive in a place of bliss and empowerment for their life ahead. 

James also practices deep tissue massage and relaxation massage.

James also works at world-known retreat called Gaia Retreat in Brooklet, NSW. 

Qualification details

Kahuna. Level 4. Source light communication

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