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Sound Scent Soul

Sound Scent Soul

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Sound Intent = Healing. Words by Jonathan Goldman which encompass the nature of Sound Healing.

Sound Healing

Servicing area

Penguin, Tasmania

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Sound massage Love Nervous disorders Digestive disorders


What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing utilizes the healing attributes of different instruments and the voice to allow the body to drop into the relaxing brain wave state of the Alpha/Theta border. In this state , the body can switch the nervous system from Fight and Survival to Rest and Revivial. The body undergoes pyhsical changes which begin the healing process on the Physical, Mental and Emotional levels. 




By what means Can it help Me?

Sound Healing can help with:


    • Emotional Wellbeing


    • Relaxation 


    • Stress related issues

… And other symptoms of imbalance in the body.


For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call.