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Sound Scent Soul

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Sound Scent Soul Workshops

Servicing area

Penguin, Tasmania

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Sound massage Love Nervous disorders Digestive disorders



I love to share my knowledge and passion for all things natural. My workshops are hands on, informative, relaxed and fun.

Bookings are essential to all workshops, so that I can make sure I prepare the space for the day. 


5 Element Meridian Healing Workshops

Learn how to use the Chinese 5 Elements and Meridians to improve your Body Mind and Spirit. These workshops cover Yin and Yang and each of the 5 elements and the cycle of creation.

There are 7 workshops in the series and they run throughout the Year. No Prior learning is needed.


    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Water Element Kidney and Bladder Meridians.
    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Wood Element. Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians. 
    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Fire Element Heart and Heart Protector Meridians.
    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Fire Element Small Intestine and Triple Warmer Meridians.
    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Earth Element. Stomach and Spleen Meridians.
    • Meridian Healing Workshop The Metal Element. Lung and Large Intestine Meridians.
    • Meridian Healing Workshop Yin Yang. Central and Governing Meridia.


Chakra Awareness for Beginners

This workshop focuses on the chakras. What they are, where they are and ways to work with them for healing and spiritual development. This is a fun beginner’s workshop. No Prior experience is needed.



Chakra Balancing with the Elemental Mists

This workshop focuses on the chakras. What they are, an how to bring a fast and gentle balance using the Elemental Mists. The Elemental Mists were developed using the Chinese 5 Element Theory and bring Balance quickly and effectively to each chakra. Basic chakra knowledge is a helpful for this workshop.



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