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About Nicole


Over the last 20 years I have been learning about and working with music and sound in a number of therapeutic ways. I have come to discover that sound is a very EFFICIENT way to relax. And don't we ALL need to relax! And quickly!! We live in a stressful world and often think stressful thoughts, so any tool that can move us out of these mental and physical states quickly and easily is worth a look at!

My approach to the use of sound is practical and down to earth. I appeal to people who don't want the "fluff" and just want the "stuff"! I explain the use of sound in a way that people can relate to and therefore understand. I feel this is important as EVERYONE deserves to and will benefit from the experience of QUALITY sound no matter how old or young they are or how healthy or sick they are or how rich or poor they are or what they believe in.

Sound as a therapeutic tool can be used in ALL areas of life ... In the corporate world, during labour, in the family home, at school, in hospitals to name a few.

We are constantly surrounded by sounds that either nurture us or torture us; make us feel good or make us feel irritated; make us sick or make us well! So it's up to us to become aware of this and then create a sound environment that helps us to stay relaxed, focused, healthy and energised...depending on what we need at the time.

I have created a number of workshops and online courses where I teach people how to create the ideal sound environment for their unique situation. I do this through SoundBirth (for expectant couples and birth professionals) and Sound Nutrition (for ALL other groups - corporate, school, hospitals etc). I am happy to facilitate workshops, private sessions, presentations and to work as a consultant.

About Nicole

I am a homeschooling Mother of 4 daughters.  I gained a Bachelor of Music degree (classical) in 1996 and have always been passionate about the use of sound and music as therapeutic tools.  I have played the double bass in professional orchestras, worked with the elderly as a music specialist and taught piano in the past. I now do what I love which is teach "SoundBirth" to expectant couples and birth professionals, give groups of people relaxing "Sound Nutrition" sessions with all of my quality sound tools and offer "Sound Massage" to individuals.

Please check out the other pages listed here and my websites and Facebook Pages for more information 

SoundBirth Facebook || Sound Nutrition

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