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Sound Healing Journeys

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Sound Healing Journeys

Clinical studies demonstrate that sound and guided-imagery meditation can boost the immune system, decrease stress hormones, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and induce alpha and theta brainwave patterns, which are associated with the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.
– Dr Mitchell Gaynor


Sound Healing Journeys - Sound Healing & Biofield Tuning

Sound Healing

The ancient sages, masters and enlightened communities knew and understood the significance and importance of sound as a sacred instrument of immense power and potential for not only healing but spiritual development. The scientific and modern day spiritual communities are only now starting to access this ancient wisdom. Every molecule, cell, gland and organ of our bodies has its own unique frequency or vibration. Disease occurs when these frequencies are altered due to internal or external influences. The traumas that have an impact on us throughout our lives can still be affecting us now and can prevent us from experiencing good health, happy and fulfilling relationships and more connection to others, the energy to achieve whatever we want and a life that is filled with meaning. Pure, clear sound waves which are emitted from the therapeutic sound tools work through the idea of sympathetic resonance traveling to where they are most needed, gently supporting the body in recognizing and correcting its own vibrational imbalances.Sally now provides 1-on-1 Sound Healing Sessions in Greensborough, Melbourne, group Sound Bath Meditiations, workshops and retreats.

Sally is an Associate Teacher with the Sound Healing Academy (UK) and will be a facilitator on their Level 2 Foundation course in Melbourne in June.

BioField Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a specific non-medical therapeutic method that utilises sound waves that are created by tuning forks in the biofield, that encompasses the human body. The tuning forks are employed to identify and highlight disturbances in the energy field which correlate with the physical and emotional traumas that we have dealt with throughout our lives. By passing the forks through these specific areas in the biofield using the Biofield Anatomy Map, we will not only correct the distorted sound but releasing built up energy but can provide relief for anxiety, pain, insomnia, PTSD, depression, and more.

Sally is an accredited Biofield Tuning Therapist and trained with Eileen McKusick. She offers 1:1 sessions in Greensborough, Melbourne and online sessions worldwide.

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