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Southern Sports Physiotherapy

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Southern Sports Physiotherapy

About Us
Southern Sports Physiotherapy was established in Engadine in 1990, providing professional treatment and rehabilitation to the greater Engadine area, and in the year 2000 expanded the clinic by opening the Helensburgh branch.

The clinic is staffed by experienced and qualified physiotherapists, who have a wealth of experience in assessing and treating a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

Therapy to our clients is provided for a number of pains, injuries and conditions. We offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatment methods aimed at speeding up recovery, restoring function and helping you quickly return to your normal activities of sport, work or leisure.

We are a multidisciplinary clinic combining a variety of services including physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and massage therapy.

Why Physiotherapy?
Early physiotherapy intervention accelerates your recovery.

Research has proven that people who seek early physiotherapy intervention following an injury have shorter recovery periods compared to those who delay physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners, which means that you do not require a doctor's referral to be treated by a physiotherapist.

Our experienced physiotherapists will discuss with you how your problem affects your lifestyle and do a full assessment to examine the joints, muscles and nerves in detail.

Our focus is to resolve your problem and return you back to normal function as quickly as possible.

Benefits from Physiotherapy:

  • Reduce pain,
  • Reduce swelling,
  • Restore movement function,
  • Restore muscle strength,
  • Accelerate soft tissue healing,
  • Correct muscle imbalances,
  • Correct posture.



  • Bill LaPalombara: Director and principal physiotherapist
  • Clem Ringstad: Practising physiotherapist
  • Karen Bates: Massage therapist
  • Andrea Johansen: Acupuncturist

Clerical staff