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Southern Yoga and Health Centre

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Through the practise of asanas, (postures), deep breathing and deep relaxation and incorporating the teachings of Yoga, we develop harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Your peace is contagious and the world needs more peaceful people.

Southern Yoga and Health Centre

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Moorabbin, Victoria

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Dialogue Well-being Stress management Lifestyle Fitness Joy

Welcome to Southern Yoga and Health Centre

Yoga is a spiritual discipline containing a large number of different paths and techniques for attaining inner freedom, which is sometimes described as Nirvana, Samadhi and Liberation and has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. In Yoga, we see body and mind as inseparable parts of a whole.

Through our Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes we provide a space where you can simply be, where your own intuition and wisdom flow and your health and wellbeing returns.

The system of physical exercises called Hatha Yoga is not the whole of Yoga. It is considered a preliminary toning up of the body and therefore the mind in preparation for deeper spiritual practices.

The Centre is spacious and full of light, and very peaceful. All our classes are fully guided and beginners are welcome into all classes. We have mats, blankets and cushions you are welcome to use.

The Centre has ongoing classes, workshops with visiting teachers, film nights, dinner nights, hikes, cooking classes and yoga weekends. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Please scroll down for details of our Practitioners and other services.

Daily Classes and Private Classes:

We have classes at the Centre 6 days per week and we also offer private classes at the Centre or at your premises, please call us for details, prices etc.

Class Timetable

Monday:Yoga Peace -10.30amMeditation - 12.15pm Beginners Meditation - 6.30pmYoga Fit - 7.30pm
Tuesday:Yoga Stretch - 10.15am
Total Yoga - 6.15pmYoga Stretch - 7.30pm
Wednesday:Yoga Peace - 10.30am
Physiotherapy Gentle Exercise for ladies 3.00pm
Yoga Peace - 6.00pmGentle Yoga - 7.30pm
Thursday:Yoga Peace - 10.30pm Relax & Heal - 12.15pmYoga Peace - 6.15pmMeditation - 7.45pm
Friday: - Mindfullness Meditation - 12.00pm - -
Saturday:Yoga Peace - 10.30am
Sunday:Sunday Stretch - 10.15am

Yoga Peace
Learn to balance your energies, release tension and restore your body's natural fluidity and sensitivity. Each class starts and finishes with deep relaxation. This is Yoga to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. These classes often have a short discussion included, or a few minutes of meditation. ......Classes are from 1 1/2hrs - 1 3/4 hrs depending on the day.

Gentle Yoga
An easier class that causes you to engage in a gentle yet powerful dialogue with your limbs, spine, muscles and lungs. Experience freedom and relaxation, restore health. 1 1/4 hrs.

Yoga Stretch/Sunday Stretch
A class of slow stretches, working all muscle groups. Restore suppleness and strength. An excellent class for sports people or those just wanting a good stretch. Yoga Stretch is 1 1/2 hrs - 1 3/4 hrs depending on the day, and Sunday Stretch runs for 1 1/4 hrs.

Yoga Fit
A slightly more active class. This is the only class that does not start with relaxation. This class starts with breathing practices then flows into the postures, finishing with a deep relaxation. Be guided towards health, vitality and well-being. Yoga fitness exercises and relaxation for everyone. A 1 hr class

Total Yoga
A gentle and well rounded class which includes slow stretches, strengthening work, deep relaxation and meditation, philosophical discussion. A 1 1/4 hr class

Simple, effective techniques to improve your life and release the peace inside yourself. Beginners classes are held on Mondays and these classes include deep relaxation and time for questions. We also have an ongoing meditation class on Thursday nights. You can talk and talk about the benefits of meditation, and that is what usually brings people initially to class, but nothing takes the place of practice. Come and join us in one of these classes. Open for everyone.. 1 hr class

Mindfullness Meditation
Learn to let go of disheartening throughts of the past and worries of the future to enjoy the serenity of the present. This class is taught by Jo Ryan, on of our Psychologists and is bulkbilled for those on a Health Care Plan with their GP, otherwise $20.00.

Relax and Heal
This class starts with a short meditation then flows into deep relaxation, resulting in self healing and stress relief. Real healing is in our nature and may happen best when we just allow it. A beautiful class to rejuvenate yourself. 1 hr class

Physiotherapy Gentle Exercise
Run by Judy Minshull, a qualified Physiotherapist. This class is for ladies and incorporates Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. It is suitable for rehabilitation, reconditioning, revitalizing and managing stress. Please call Judy first to assess your needs on 9775 2347 as Physiotherapy rebates may apply. 1 hr class


YOGAExtra Classes Same Week
Yoga Fit (1 hour class) $ 20.00 -
All other casual yoga classes $ 23.00 $18.00
5 Classes (over 5 weeks) $105.00 $16.00
10 Classes (over 10 weeks) $190.00 $16.00
20 Classes (over 20 weeks) $355.00 $16.00
Casual$ 20.00 -
Bulkbilled for those on a Health Care Plan with their GP, otherwise $20.00-
CONCESSION RATES – for cardholders only
Casual $ 19.00 -
5 Classes (over 5 weeks) $ 90.00$16.00
10 Classes (over 10 weeks) $170.00 $16.00
Weekly membership (as above) gives you a certain number of classes to be taken over the same number of weeks. It is your responsibility and you are welcome to make up missed classes at any time before the expiry date.
Unlimited Hatha yoga classes only, excludes the Remedial class. Please note we do not extend this membership, so consider carefully before buying.6 months
1 year
Includes all yoga, meditation and relaxation classes but excludes the Remedial class. Please note we do not extend this membership, so please consider carefully before buying. 1 month
6 months
1 year


Christine Villiers: Christine runs the Centre and teaches most of the yoga and meditation classes. She has been studying under Shanti Gowans for 25 years and teaching now for 17.

Laurel Buxton: Laurel has been interested in Yoga since she was 18 as a way to maintain health and fitness and to relieve stress. Over time she realized that yoga was much more and that with regular practice, by combining deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation with asana (postures) and also studying the Philosophies of Yoga, an overall feeling of health and wellbeing is experienced. She has been teaching since 2002 and is also an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Over the years she has also studied Massage and has attained various certificates in massage, and also received a” Certificate in Vitamin and Herbal remedies”.

Jo Ryan: Barefoot Coaching and Counselling. Life Coach and Psychologist. Jo's purpose is to assist her clients in discovering and achieving their fullest potential and to ultimately find the happiness we are all seeking. She strongly believes that we have everything that we need inside us to do this. Jo also teaches the Mindfullness Meditation class here on Fridays which is free for those on a Health Care Plan from their GP, otherwise $20.00. For bookings call Jo direct on 0409 183 677.

Judy Minshull: Judy is a qualified Physiotherapist and runs the Physiotherapy Gentle Exercise class here for ladies.

We have the services of several other Pschologists. Please contact us for more information.

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