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Sep 2015

South West Kinesiology

Contact Name Adele Hehir
Mobile 0403 815 549
Address Australind WA 6233
Servicing Areas Bunbury Region
Release stress, reconnect with your innate mind-body intelligence & recuperate to your full potential. Support, tools and guidance are offered to assist you with mental, emotional & physical recuperation from all types of stress allowing you to integrate changes for self healing, reclaim energy and be balanced. Servicing Greater Bunbury.

South West Kinesiology

Stress Release

At South West Kinesiology we listen and aim to identify the root cause of any mental physical or emotional imbalances, that can manifest as symptoms, stress or pain.

Reconnect & Reclaim energy

By tuning into your innate mind body intelligence using kinesiology and other holistic techniques, reactions to stress can be balanced and facilitate the energetic changes for healing

Mind Body Recuperation
Support, tools and guidance assist you with your recuperation allowing you to reclaim your energy so you can reach your full potential

What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a non invasive fully clothed session that uses the bodys biofeedback mechanism (aka 'muscle checking') to vertify where and how your body reacts to stress or pain. A therapist will then apply appropriate healing techniques taken from both Eastern and Western philosophies in order to balance you with relation to the identified things causing you stress .

How does it work?

A balance is a highly personalised session usually lasting 60 minutes where we work directly with you and your bodys biofeeedback and presenting symptoms to find the root cause of issues causing negative stress.

How do you identify & release stress?

If you're looking to have a session with us it is likely an imbalance somewhere in your being -this could be on a mental, physical or emotional level = and is usually manifested by the body as symptoms of stress/pain.

Using kinesiology (muscle checking) we aim to

- verify the issues causing you stress

- identify the root cause and

- apply a range of holistic techniques to release stress

- restore mind body balance

- reconnect you with your innate ability

- recuperate and heal

Complimentary Therapy

Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy so works alongside many other Natural Therapies as well as Western Allopathic medicine in order to best assist you with your recuperation and healing

South West Kinesiology is located in the Bunbury Region, South West of Western Australia

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