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Spark Joy - Kim Carter

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To spark joy into people’s life so that they can live in the now and in turn move forward to live the life they dream of.

Spark Joy - Kim Carter

About Us

Kim's Organising and Tidying sessions are based on the famous KonMari Method from Marie Kondo (Best selling author and organizing consultant). Yes, Kim is a KonMari Consultant* In Training and is completing Marie's accreditation training, learning direct from the KonMari Master herself.

Kim works along side you providing support (Motivational and Emotional), encouragement, as well as a second pair of hands. During each session you may become stuck or find you are feeling emotional (yes, our stuff can do that to us sometimes). By working together to understand why you may be stuck or finding it hard to let something go that you know no longer brings you joy, allows you to recognise and name the block or issue and continue with the task at hand.

  • Do you want to start living your life?

  • Do you want your home to reflect your dream life?

  • Do you want your home to bring you joy and happiness every day?

  • Do you want someone to support you, motivate and drive you to achieve the idea life you want?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you will benefit from the KonMari Method and a session (or more) with Kim. What are you waiting for? Call or email Kim today. You never know what you can achieve until you have taken that first step. Do this for you, start living today. Take that step, I know you can. I have been in your shoes. This is my story. Do it today, you deserve it.

Contact me today to know more.

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