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Tesla Metamorphosis is a modality in which the trained Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner accesses the energy, information and light of the Tesla Waves to facilitate the client’s journey of healing and evolving.

Sparkle of Life - Tesla Metamorphosis


There are 3 primary arms, or ways of working with the intelligent energies of Tesla Metamorphosis®:




Each mode has a different intent and specific set of procedures. All utilise the Tesla waves to access energy, light and information.  Each mode is utilised energy, light and information. Each mode is utilised independently but it is recommended that at least 3 sessions of Tesla Healing Metamorphosis be experienced prior to the experience of Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis.

Clients look to use Tesla Healing Metamorphosis to heal certain aspects of themselves, be it on an emotional, physical, spiritual and/or mental level.

Utilising Tesla Soul Communication there is an opening of communication between the practitioner and the client through emotions, meaning and images. This method of communication is beyond words and the client may attain information about what may be causing his/her health or other issues. These insights can be truly life changing.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis will initiate consciousness evolution. Evolution can be on all different levels: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, and can be more profound than healing.


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