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Reiki Healing, Indian Head, Full Body, Back & Shoulders Massage

There's no question about the physical and mental benefits of getting massages regularly. And there’s no better way to reward yourself or treat someone you love after a long-tiring day or week than a delightful, energizing massage.

Through hands-on movements all over various parts of the body, you can improve your sleep, boost your mood, relieve your tension & anxiety, lessen your stress, stimulate your blood circulation, loosen your tight muscles and tissues, aid in your injury and so much more. 

Sparkles R Us offers revitalizing massages and Reiki to help you unwind and get grounded despite the busyness around you. 

Indian Head 

The Indian head massage is an Ayurvedic holistic treatment that uses acupressure to loosen up tightness on the head, face, shoulders and neck.

This type of massage helps increase joint functionality and flexibility around the neck and shoulders. It also helps improve blood flow and eliminate toxins. 

Back and Shoulders Massage

We all experience stiffness and tightness on our upper backs and shoulders and the most common culprit--tension, stress, overuse.

If you have tight shoulders because of sitting long periods of time, poor posture, or simply sleeping in an uncomfortable position, you’d need a back and shoulder massage.

This popular massage style targets the back, neck and shoulders and is a slightly shorter treatment than a full body massage. Pressure used may vary from light to medium to heavy. 

Full Body

A full body massage includes the head (temples, scalp, crown & back of head), arms, legs (including thighs, calves and glutes), neck (shoulder blades and collar bones), upper and lower back, shoulders, hands, feet, and stomach. 

This type of massage is the most commonly requested, you may have this once to twice a month to feel more relaxed and centred.


Reiki healing is a form of Japanese energy healing technique. A Reiki practitioner will place her hands palms down over the recipient’s body. The recipient feels the energy sensations like tingling or pulsing over where the practitioner’s hand is placed. This treatment is very peaceful and relaxing; most recipients fall asleep. 

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