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Sparkle Yoga

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Yoga encourages us to explore the divine spark within. Through regular practice, we spark the sweetness inside ourselves and by taking time out from everyday life we create space for this sweetness to arise so we can savor it!

Sparkle Yoga

Yoga is more than simply exercises and postures to increase health.

Each time we walk out of a yoga class we face the world with a refreshing 'spark' in the eyes. The deeper our practice, the greater the spark and the more able we are to make positive changes in our lives and the lives of others.
cSo take your time to browse our site and check out our regular classes, workshops and upcoming retreats and events…

Why just shine, when you can sparkle!


A fusion of Yoga and Decks… Hatha Groove in Australia is a project run by Michele to unite his two passions – balancing his love for Yoga and Electronic Music.

From start to end Hatha Groove is an uplifting and balancing blend of Yoga to the backdrop of a music mix matched to the energies of the sequence. Add in some free flowing movement and you have a wonderful weave of rhythm and dance.

You can expect the unexpected, as each session is a unique journey. There will be moments of intensity, with challenging postures and sequences, then moments of relaxation and visualization and much more.  And always guided by the music which is also very eclectic with a DJ laying down the beats live.

Workplace Yoga

Michele runs regular Corporate Yoga classes in Melbourne.  Sparkly Yoga provides yoga and relaxation classes to companies seeking to create a productive, healthy and harmonious workplace. Guided by our values to live life optimally, and with integrity and honesty, we are inspired to improve others' quality of life through innovative health and yoga solutions. We are dedicated to reducing stress, enhancing wellness and maintaining mental alertness — so that people can perform, feel, look and remain, well.

At Sparkly Yoga:

  • We are focused on the optimisation of human potential.

  • We teach the power of applying a self-responsible, mindful attitude in the workplace.

  • We use positive tools that empower staff to function more effectively.

  • Our aim is to decrease staff stress levels and to improve well being.

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