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SPEC Health

Servicing area: Melbourne, Victoria

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SPEC Health

Welcome to SPEC Health

Improving Productivity, Health & Engagement at your workplace. We help reduce sick leave, workplace stress and workplace injuries with Office Massage, Mobile Fitness Programs, Stretching Classes and more.

Who ever you are and where ever you are in Melbourne or Sydney, we can provide you with one of our highly skilled Massage Therapists or Personal Trainers and have you feeling better and performing better in no time!

SPEC Massage

Our range of massage services falls into the five categories below.

Standard hourly rate - $65 + GST (minimum 2 hour booking)
One hour booking - $80 + GST

Minimum booking is 2 consecutive hours per therapist.

Corporate/Workplace Massage

We come to your workplace, when and for as long as you desire. Massage durations range from 5 minute at-desk shoulder and neck rubs to hour long full body massages in a private room on your premises.

A regular seated massage program at your workplace can produce some significant benefits and help you solve some of the biggest problems facing employers in Australia today.
  • Reduce
  • absenteeism, both legitimate and otherwise.
  • Reduce work related
  • Improve employee focus and job performance.
  • Improve staff moral and reduce job related depression.
  • Enhance attitude towards employer.
  • Improve staff loyalty and reduce costs relating to staff replacement.
  • Reduce OH&S incidents, which can stem from issues relating to:
    • posture
    • stress
    • emotional wellbeing
    • workplace injuries
  • Help attract quality new staff to your team.

Event and Promotional Massage

You want to draw crowds. You want to engage people. You want to capture your audience and effectively communicate your message, without interruption. You want your guests to leave with a lasting memory. You want them to tell others all about the experience.
No matter what kind of event you are staging, providing your guests or staff with a SPEC chair massage could be the perfect way to achieve any one of a number of goals.
  • Create a unique marketing angle to get more people to your event.
  • Help your guests relax and enjoy your event more.
  • Help your guests focus and get more out of your event.
  • Create an opportunity to share a targeted message, without interruption.
  • Leave your guests with a lasting positive impression of your event.
  • Make your event a talking point.
  • Help you reward and get more out of your staff.

Sports Massage

If you’re an athlete or sporting team looking to improve your preparation for, or recovery from, a training session or upcoming event, SPEC Health has a qualified remedial therapist near you who can treat you whenever and wherever suits you best.

SPEC’s team of remedial therapists have specific sport massage skills and knowledge to assess and treat soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions. They can help ease muscle and joint pain and help increase movement and function.

SPEC Health also conducts on sight pre and post event massage at:
  • professional and amateur sporting competitions, and
  • corporate sporting events.

Whether your aiming for the top or just aiming to stay off the injured list, get the most out of your body and keep your foot in front of your competitors with SPEC Health.

Seniors Massage

SPEC Health offers massage services at nursing homes and retirement villages throughout Australia. We come to you and provide a massage that is light in pressure and gentle enough for the most fragile of persons.

Personal Massage (Private Functions)

SPEC Health can cater for any social or team event you have on your calendar, adding a little something special and memorable for your guests to experience. Specialising in hen’s parties, weddings, birthdays and pamper parties, whatever event you are hosting, we can be there to relax, rejuvenate or pamper your guests.

Group Stretching

Lack of flexibility, poor joint mobility and muscle imbalances are some of the biggest causes of sporting and workplace injuries, including repetitive strain injuries. While stretching may seem like a trivial task, very few do it on a regular basis, and even fewer have any idea of which muscles need to be stretched and how to stretch them effectively and safely.

SPEC Health can assess the every day tasks performed at your workplace and take your staff through stretches and strengthening exercises, specifically targeting the muscles that are overworked and those that are neglected.

We ensure that each stretch is carried out correctly and can cater for any injuries or contraindications that your team members may have. The classes are fun, and very effective.

A commitment to stretching on a regular basis over a prolonged period will inevitably result is a team that feels better, works better and is less prone to injury and ill-health.

About Us

SPEC Health is the most exciting company to enter the health and fitness market in Australia in years.

Why? Because we transcend health and fitness to help you, your team or your company improve in all areas of life.

SPEC Health employs only the most qualified health professionals, from around the country, and delivers them to your door to provide the very highest standards in service and professionalism.

We all know the benefits of regular massage and a tailored fitness program, but SPEC Health is so much more than a provider of a massage or personal training service to your team or company. We help you create an organisation of healthy, happy and motivated people, an improved brand and ultimately a healthier bottom line. At SPEC Health, we help you and your team get the most out of yourselves, and we have fun along the way.

We consider ourselves successful only if you are more successful as a result of your relationship with us.

SPEC is an acronym for Sports, Personal, Events and Corporate, which is an indication of the range of our clientele. If you want to get more out of yourself, your team, your event or your company, speak to SPEC Health and prepare to exceed your expectations.

SPEC Health. Healthy People, Healthy Bottom Line.

Our Services Include

  • Mobile Massage
  • Group Personal Training
  • Group Stretching
  • Beauty Therapy ..coming soon..
  • Temp Staff
  • Promotional Massage

Service categories