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Spectrum Kinesiology

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Health, Growth and Personal Wellbeing

Spectrum Kinesiology

Welcome to Spectrum Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to wellness.
It identifies factors that can block the body’s natural healing process, through muscle testing, using a bio-feedback system. Kinesiology works directly with the body’s innate intelligence, the subconscious.

It brings Body Mind and Spirit into balance by combining the eastern wisdom of acupressure points with the western techniques of muscle testing, counselling, and vibrational healing.

Pnita Holthouse - your Kinesiology Practitioner

Pnita combines her childcare, sleep talk, play therapy, colour therapy and kinesiology skills to provide fun, informative and life changing “balances” for the young to the young at heart. She works lovingly from her heart centre and shares her spiritual and life wisdom with all those she comes into contact with.

Pnita is a down to earth practitioner who keeps it real! She has been practising for over 6 years helping to bring light and love to those who are ready to make powerful changes in their lives.

She specialises in the following;
  • Learning difficulties and behavioural problems in children
  • Relationship separation and finding your whole self
  • Healthy lifestyle advice and increasing your happiness
  • Change of direction & finding your path
  • Release from emotional stress and related physical disease
  • and more…


Wellness Package

Would you like to learn to use the healing properties of colour in your life?
Release yourself from stress that is blocking you from living your full potential?
Let go of emotional hurt from past relationships and events?

Pnita’s 3 session wellness packages will help you to achieve all this and more. Make the commitment to treat yourself with love and kindness and make use of this amazing offer TODAY

Price: $150 (that’s a saving of $110!)

Treatment Costs

Initial session: $100
Following sessions $70


Certificate IV in Holistic Kinesiology
Certificate IV in Teaching and Assessment
Play Therapy Consultant
Diploma of Community Services, Early Learning Educator