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Spiral In

Servicing area: Brunswick, Yarraville, Victoria

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Spiral In - Reiki & Meditation

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Feel peaceful, healthy and happy

We could all use some help to feel better in today’s busy world. So many of us rush through our days getting progressively more and more strung out and tired. The good news is, this is not our natural state of being.

How to get back to that natural state of peace and happiness?

Reiki is a fabulous method to do just that.

Reiki treatments and meditation help you to release long held emotional, physical and spiritual blockages and allow you to live your life with more freedom, awareness and joy. This system also focuses strongly on personal growth and self practice which means constructive and lasting change is within your own grasp. You can learn Reiki and use it to treat yourself, your family, friends and even pets.
  • Create stronger and healthier family and personal relationships

  • Create powerful, clear intent in your life

  • Complete the past and move forward into the life you want

  • Feel calmer, more present and alive

  • Become happier, healthier and have more energy

  • Release addictive patterns and habits

In the 8 years I’ve been working with Reiki I’ve experienced profound changes and seen it bring immense benefit to myself and others. Though a Reiki "Master", my training, via continued practice and guidance with my own teacher, is ongoing. It's been a journey of ups and downs and I've learnt a lot about myself through the process. It's shown me that anyone can take steps to change their life and succeed. I feel passionate about passing that knowledge on as I believe you can also do the same.

I will work with you in a holistic way that will help you to regain the balance that is your true nature.

As a Reiki practitioner my aim is to stabilise, clear and enhance your energetic system and help support any changes you feel to make. I give you tips and suggestions at the end of each treatment so you will be able to walk out feeling lighter, more directed, supported and whole. Importantly, your own connection to your wellbeing will be strengthened and encouraged.
    "Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."
    Chinese proverb

Reiki has been an invaluable tool on my own healing journey and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Its benefits are simple and I believe, for everyone.

Try it for yourself - you'll be so glad you did.

Sylvia Kovacevic

What is Reiki? How can it help me?

Reiki literally means “spiritual energy”. Usui Reiki Ryoho is a traditional form of Japanese energetic healing which is safe, gentle and remarkably effective. Its hands on or off the body techniques work by balancing your entire system, clearing blockages in energetic centres and bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki – whether you have health concerns or not.

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To start your own journey towards health, clarity and vitality, call me on 0412 332 077 to find out how I can help you.


• One on one Reiki treatments
• Monthly Reiki share groups – connect with other students of Reiki
• Vibrational and transformational practices for personal and spiritual growth

"Thank you so much for my Reiki session today. I'm not sure what I was expecting from the treatment apart from relieving some of my anxiety. I was well aware that I was in adrenal overload before meeting you today. When I left the clinic I felt much calmer and was able to breath freely. My solar plexus has eased up a lot and I don't feel the pain I had there before. I was feeling very depressed before and now that has lifted, and I feel like I have more clarity of mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Julie - Reservoir

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Training and workshops

• Levels I, II, III and Master/Teacher
• Reiki meditations and sound work
• Spiritual and Reiki retreats

"I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. The course was well presented and easy to understand as a result. Lots of laughs - keep up the good work. I look forward to continuing my Reiki experience. Thank you Sylvia."
Tom - Brunswick

"Thank you Sylvia for a very comprehensive initiation into Reiki. It was a lovely day spent in a warm and friendly environment where good energy flowed. I shall recommend your teachings far and wide and look forward to further studies with you. Gassho."
Victoria - Brighton

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Meditation course for beginners

Three nights of "Meditation made easy".

You will learn the basics of meditation free of dogma and jargon, in a warm and welcoming environment. It's the single best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing.

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Places are limited so call 0412332077 to book.

Join the Level I workshop

This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning Reiki from the ground up.

Level I, "Shoden", is the introductory level where you receive attunements into the system of Reiki and energy. Attunements are the way your system is cleared to receive energy and are a beautiful and simple ritual of initiation into energy work. You will also learn the history and beginnings of Reiki and be given some techniques that will help you connect to the energy and begin your journey into healing. Treat yourself and your friends and family after doing this level.

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Join the Level II workshop

Take your understanding of reiki energy to the next level.

Level II, "Okuden", is the next level of the system of Reiki. You will learn the first three symbols of reiki and jumon's or mantra's that accompany them. These are ways to begin to play with and understand the different types of energy that we utilise in Reiki. Energy, like the eastern concept of Yin and Yang has particular feeling in the body and effects on it. With level II you begin to understand these concepts in a new way, an experiential way. The effects on your life can be profound. This is where your self work really begins. The course takes place over a full day. In addition to the symbols and mantras you learn hands on healing and can be considered a practitioner once you have completed some practice at this level. You also receive three attunements and are given a personal practice to take home for your further development. You can be considered a Reiki Practitioner after doing some practice at this level.

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Join the Group Share each month

This is your chance to meet and practice with other like minded students of Reiki in a supportive and fun environment. Group healings, meditations and jumon chanting are some of the activities that will take place over the course of the Saturday afternoon.

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Reiki Day Retreat coming Dec, 2012.

At last, the opportunity to spend a full day ensconced in blissful energy.
Our practice for the day will centre on personal and practical healing with all our favourite techniques of meditation, chanting, hands on healing and visualisation plus some new tools. Set your intent for the coming year and give thanks for your progress so far.
Bring a plate of some nutritious food to share (or something indulgent if you prefer!) as we will also have time for a lovely meal. Other snacks will be provided.

$100 for the day.
10am - 4pm

Feedback from previous retreats

"The weekend retreat worked really well. I liked the two hands on sessions that we did and the chanting. There was a good mix of activities and free relaxing time, so that it didn't feel rushed or that we were sticking to a rigid timetable. This was really great."
Carol - Geelong

"Hands on practice was great – very valuable learning and feeling the different energies of different people and learning how I pick the energy up.
Loved the nature section – meditating under the trees – I have been taking myself back there and consciously tuning into nature since I’ve been back. I’m finding it a great way to relax into source and reduce the busyness.
Was great to cover the precepts.
Please keep organizing – was great!!"

Maryanne - Hampton

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Qualification Details

Reiki Master / Teacher
Dip. Music
Senior First Aid Certificate
Member of ARC – Australian Reiki Connection

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