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Spirit Connections Australia

Sandy Cee
Past life regression Psychic medium Clairvoyant ...
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Specialising in:

Teaching and Practising of Reiki, Seichim & Isis Seichim modalities. Past & Present Life Regression, Meditation, Spiritual and Psychic Development. Spiritual Counselling.

We - Sandy and Greg - are here to guide you on your Spiritual Journey

Spirit Connections Australia

Energy Healing

When you come to us for a healing session, it will not necessarily be the only session. For your first consultation with us, we will sit you down and ask you some questions about your healing session to take place. This is so we can ensure you are receiving the right kind of healing. Or course, I also work through my Guides and Angels so they will also be giving you healing during this session. You will be receiving the benefit of my formal training as an Energy Healer



When you come to us for a workshop in any of the Healing Energies, you will receive your Attunements, Manual and Certificate as well as receiving the benefit of any messages my Spirit Guides and or Angels may like to pass on to you. I have been trained in these healing arts for many years, though have the benefit of working with my Guides and Angels when practising and or teaching.
Our workshops go for 4-5 hours for each level of each subject unless otherwise noted on our website.





Meditation is the key to everything we do in life. We eat, we sleep, we work, we play, we interact with our loved ones (including our furry friends) and we interact with people outside the circle of our family and friends. We need focus time and ability. So we meditate. As strange as it may seem, it is not very difficult to do. By learning to control our breath - in and out, using visualisation exercises and learning to focus on the task at hand, we are learning to meditate. Most people do it on a daily basis. Praying for instance is a type of meditation
When you come to us for your meditation classes, we will use a form of Guided meditation techniques which will give you the start that you need to continue. Our classes are run on a weekly basis so you have the time during that week to practice what you have leaned before learning a different technique.


Opening Hours

9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday


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Qualification details

  • Certified as a Reiki Master / Practitioner
  • Certified as a Seichim Master / Practitioner
  • Certified as a Isis Seichim Master / Practitioner
  • Spiritual and Psychic Developer
  • Teacher of Meditation and Spiritual Development
  • Communicator and Medium to Spirit Guides, Spirit and Angels
  • Non-Fiction Author of how to Metaphysical Books

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