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Sandy Cee

4 Bungulla St
Sadleir NSW 2168

Servicing area: Western Sydney Suburbs

Spirit Connections Australia

Meditation is the basis for all Positive Energy. Anyone can Meditate.
It is available to Everyone * Anytime * Anywhere

Spirit Connections Australia - Meditation

I have been a Spiritual Teacher & Facilitator of Meditation for many years and always work with my Spirit Masters to invoke the healing/resting energies given.

Meditation covers many varied techniques. Not every technique works for every person. When I teach you meditation, we work together. You by relaxing and following my Guided Meditation.

Each week we work on a different technique that you can practice during the week. Each technique is designed to give you a different experience in relaxation, breathing and visual exercises that are not hard for you to achieve.

There are two ways you can come along to our Meditation sessions.

1 - Individual one on one half hour sessions

2 - Group sessions one hour sessions. (Availability limited to number of seats during a school term)

Booking is Essential

Benefits of Meditation

* More relaxed and calm feeling

* Allows one to think with more clarity

* Less stressed feeling

* Lessens health problems

* Improved Sleep and Eating habits

* Helpful in resolving relationship issues.

Qualification Details

Teacher of Meditation and Spiritual Development

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Spirit Connections Australia - Meditation