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Spirit Connections Australia

Sandy Cee
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We have all lived before. Our past is locked away inside our soul. It has become a part of who we are. Find out today where you have been and unlock the blockages within so you can live for today.

Spirit Connections Australia - Past Life Regression Therapy

I have been a Spiritual Healer for many years and always work with my Spirit Masters to invoke the healing energies given.

We each live our lives, day to day. From the moment of conception to the moment of death. It is but one life, yet for some of us, it seems that we are living more than this one life.


We develop phobias unexpectedly when start remembering a past life. It could have been the very last life, it could have been hundreds of years before this one. It could also have been some time in the future. Time is consecutive. Our "Past Lives" are not. Indeed we can jump from 380 AD to 1776 BC and forward again to 1894AD. Often there are times that we are certain we have been here before.

It is our experiences during any life-time that gives us our memories. It imprints an experience upon our soul. It is thus remembered. It can turn a bad memory into a phobia. For instance, if we are involved in a plane crash, we may be afraid of planes in the future. For no inexplicable reason, this phobia may simply appear from nowhere. Or we could have lived in an area where there were lots of snakes, or bugs, or on a small island surrounded by vast distances of ocean with no way to get off. All of these experiences can become phobias in a later life-time.

Obsessive Imprints

Then there are other imprints. Quite suddenly we can prefer a different food to eat. For no apparent reason, one of my clients took a sudden and obsessive liking for Chinese food. Turns out she remembered being a small child back in a long forgotten dynasty of China where she would come o watch the cook prepare the evening meals every day. Another client developed an obsession with hair colouring. She kept thinking she was blonde and would try to dye her hair to match how she 'remembered'.

Letting Go

By remembering our past, we can learn to let go. We can understand that the experience happened in the past and cannot be a danger to us today. To acknowledge that That was then, this is NOW is an important part of the therapy.

We will walk you through in a relaxed deep meditation. You will be in a comfortable place so that when you find the past that you are looking for, you will recognise it for what it is. You may see it as though you are watching a video of a past life that has been long forgotten. Or you may experience it as though you are walking through it first hand. I will be with you all the way. At any time, you may stop, or continue. The choice is yours. Always remember that That was then, and now is NOW. By letting go, you can re-take control of your life and move forever forward.

Sometimes we don't need to go to a past life, to find our issues that need healing. There are incidents that which happen to us in this life-time and have affected us, or allowed us to misjudge ourselves so that we lose faith and or confidence in ourselves. This too can be therapeutic and cleansing to take a walk down memory lane.

Just for Fun

Of course, there are times when we simply want to know the answer to that burning question - Have I lived before? The answer to this question is invariably Yes

To find out more, why not give us a call to book your Past /Current Life Regression on. 0428 712 251

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Spiritual and Psychic Developer
Teacher of Meditation and Spiritual Development
Communicator and Medium to Spirit Guides, Spirit and Angels

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