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We offer very afforadble Reiki 1 Attunements in individual or small group settings. 

Spirit of Mandala - Reiki


Reiki is a natural method of healing and self-enhancement that everybody can tap into. The energy that is accessed through Reiki is referred to as “Life Force Energy” – and it flows through every living thing on earth.

The flow of Life Force energy is integral to overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. Unknowingly, humans block their childhood trauma, emotions, resentments, and failures right from the time that they are born – blocking the flow of Life Force Energy. Blocked and stagnant energy will weigh down the body and make it incredibly heavy.

A Reiki session involves the gentle and non-invasive transfer of Life Force Energy from sacred symbols and the hands of the practitioner to remove blockages and restore the flow in the body. Everyone responds to an attunement in different ways and this is okay. The actual attunement is over quite quickly, and the remainder of the session is spent teaching you how to use Reiki in your daily life.

Benefits of Reiki

    • Promotes flow of Life Force Energy
    • Balances Mind, Body & Spirit
    • Adapts to the needs of the receiver
    • Gives a sense of connectedness
    • Relaxes and reduces stress
    • Promotes natural self-healing
    • Pain relief
    • Releases energy blocks
    • Helps meditative states
    • Enhances personal awareness


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