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Spirit Thai Massage

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We target potential problem areas, such as the head, neck and shoulders, to relieve a variety of ailments including aches, fatigue and tension, all the while ensuring a relaxing, stress free environment.

Spirit Thai Massage

About Us

Thai Massage is a full body treatment that involves passive, yoga-like stretching and pressure point manipulation along the body's major energy channels to release blocked energy, relieve tension, align the skeletal structure and increase flexibility. The deep tissue massage, known in Thailand as "nuat phaen boran" (literally meaning "the ancient manner massage"), targets superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to promote and enhance relaxation and well-being.

Our friendly staff of therapists are all professionally trained in the varying forms and techniques of massage and will see to your needs and comfort during any of our provided services. Our services include Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, Facial and Body Scrub, Oil Massage, Body Conditioning Massage and others.

We invite you to consult with us, by telephone or in person, to arrange the best time and service to suit your needs. Or drop in and speak with reception about an immediate session. We are ready to help you.


What is Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is believed to have been developed in India by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago. The practice eventually made its way to Thailand, where the techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.

For centuries, Thai Massage was performed by monks as a component of Thai medicine. It is sometimes also known as Thai Yoga Massage, as therapists will, during the course of the massage, move the recipient through a series of yoga-like stretches.

Other techniques, such as muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure are also used during the massage treatment.

Massage Services

Traditional Thai Massage is an energizing massage in which the therapist uses hands, elbows, legs, knees and feet to manipulate the muscles and connective tissue, and work along the major energy channels to revitalise the body and mind. The massage incorporates various techniques such as muscle compression, acupressure and stretching.

Reflexology is the technique of massaging and stimulating the reflex points on the hands and feet. This has a beneficial effect on corresponding parts of the body, stimulating nerve endings, thereby improving blood circulation and nutrient absorption to boost the immune system.

Deep Tissue Oil Massage is perfect for targeting pain due to injury or strain. A powerful treatment utilizing various body oils and deep tissue techniques, it works to relieve stress and tension from overworked muscles and promote good blood and oxygen circulation.

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Spirit Thai Massage