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Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing
Mobile Therapy. I provide spiritual healing, Reiki attunement, meditation, intuitive painting, releasing depression, anxiety, anger, stress and negativity.

Spiritual Healing

Reiki Treatment

The treatment opens and aligns all energy centers within the body which, allows the natural flow of energy, balances the body, mind and the spirit. It awakens a sense of love, compassion and responsibility to oneself and life in general. The healing increases self value, and brings out the good in you which in turn give you a positive outlook towards life.

Reiki Attunement

A Reiki class is prepared and delivered in an environment of trust, respect, is open and aligned with the rhythm of divine energy.

During the initial phase of attunement process, the intent is set. I facilitate one to one or attunement in a small group where you will be asked to introduce yourself and share your unique purpose behind seeking attunment. As this unfolds an atmosphere that is based on merit of trust, love and receptivity is generated.

You are then taken through below five phases:
  • Body and mind relaxation
  • Focus of attention
  • Reduced awareness of external environment
  • Greater awareness of internal sensations
  • A trance state

The attunement process comprises of techniques, meditation, hands on healing, hand positions and breathing exercises to ground student. You will also obtain a student manual that guides you on your journey.


You will be given full support as healing process initiates. You will feel more open which allows the flow of Reiki to intensify. You will be guided and encouraged to give each other short Reiki and practice different positioning of the hands.

After Attunement

As a vessel and a pure field of energy you have to empty yourself first. You have to be healed first before you can help others. The attunement is the beginning of the transformation and inner discovery journey. You will experience that unresolved past issues, hidden in subconscious, will resurface. This is not to worry about but to know that it is a part of the healing process. As you exercise and ground yourself the letting go process starts to take place. The past that no longer helps you with your journey, will dissolve. .

The Healing Process

Balance is on horizon as the Reiki energy flows through you and connects you to your free and true nature. Remember that this is the beginning of your journey.

As mentioned master as a vessel is initiating the process of transformation. The student is open to receive universal energy and awaken the healer within. Once that healer is awakened you will need to tame your mind with the seed of selfless desire nourished by compassion and inner guidance.

Benefits of Reiki Attunement

As you are attuned you will feel absolutely relaxed and start to receive more energy which helps body, mind and spirit. There is no going or coming on that path but only seeking and learning. Remember, once attuned, you will never lose this capacity and be able to heal yourself. With practice, your awareness grows and you become more in control of your emotions. You realise the truth and embrace your feelings as you become in tune with yourself and universal energy that flows through all beings. Everything is dancing along in a harmonious symphony as you polish the jewel within.


Each problem in the present is a symptom of underlining core issue that happened in the past that has its own belief structure that is formed in past and based on self judgment. One unexamined thought leads to a pattern of behaviour that keeps repeating itself over and over again as a trauma. Individual reflects symptoms from past and in unconscious attempt is trying to resolve that what is hidden.

The purpose of hypnotherapy is to reveal deeply sited past repressed memories, emotions and thoughts in the subconscious, bring them to surface the conscious mind and to replace them with sensible suggestion designed to change the thoughts, behaviour and emotions in order to help you to achieve a positive change and state of harmony with life.

A hypnotherapy session will include identifying your core emotional issues and dealing with these issues at a practical level and working with the subconscious to replace past negative programming. You will follow a set of practical exercises that will help you to increase awareness and understand situations as they arise. Hypnotherapy will also benefit you going through the following stages with ease:
  • Coping
  • Realisation
  • Immobilisation
  • Acceptance and
  • Letting Go

This will help you to recover quickly. The recovery will not take place unless you go through all stages. You will need to experience and express the emotional feelings associated with all these stages before you can let go. Failing to do so you will create blockages and repetitive thought pattern and actions derived from these thoughts over and over again. You will be confined in a cage of your own creation. Help is always there. All you have to do is reach for it by taking the first step.


Through meditation, you will receive an abundant amount of universal energy and knowledge that will enlighten life's journey. I facilitate both one on one and small group meditation that will generate space in your life and awareness to grow, understand the types of thoughts you are having and realise the circumstances of your life. Through meditation I will take you on a thoughtless journey as the activity of your brain slows down and you enter a space of absolute peace.

Qualification Details

Diploma in Spiritual Healing
Reiki Master
Diploma in Hypnotherapy Professional
Diploma in Regression Hypnotherapy

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