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Spirit Wisdom -In-Person or Remote Sessions

Tracey Nichols

East Maitland NSW 2323

Servicing area: East Maitland, New South Wales

Spirit Wisdom -In-Person or Remote Sessions
"A Place Where Spirit Comes to Guide and Heal, improving LIFE, BODY & SOUL"

Spirit Wisdom - Tracey Nichols


Remote/Distant & Hands On Appointments

I include Reiki, Chakra Analysis & Corrections, Angelic Therapy & Medical & Angelic Intuition in all healing treatments & sessions, so that all information is from a higher source, on all levels, & for my client's highest & greatest good. 

Hands on Treatments include Meridian Corrections.

In person consultations include a discussion of past & current conditions & symptoms, or changes & improvements since previous treatment, the treatment itself, & then the discussion of all findings, impressions & work performed during the treatment.

Real Time Distant Reiki sessions include discussions before the treatment (just like in person), but via zoom, facetime or phone, & again after the treatment for the discussion of all findings & impressions & work performed during the treatment.

Deceased Loved Ones can also come through during treatments, whether in person & hands on, or during Real Time distant Reiki or receiving Reiki during your sleep..


Brings your energies & chakras back into balance for physical & emotional healing.

Reiki goes to not only the symptoms, but also to the causes, & works on all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, & even environmental & external. It is suitable for all chronic & acute symptoms & ailments, whether physical or emotional, & is great for stress, anxiety, & depression. Feel completely relaxed during your treatment while the Reiki goes to where ever it is needed for your highest & greatest good & brings your entire being back into balance. Healing continues to occur even after your actual treatment. It is suitable & safe for all ages & for any condition.

Treatments: With you laying on my crystal meditation mat on my Reiki table, I use my clear quartz pendulum to perform a chakra analysis to find the state of your chakras & what meridians have blocks. I get you to hold energy balancing crystals, while I place & activate specific chakra crystals on your 7 major chakras, with extra crystals on any of the imbalanced chakras that were found during the chakra analysis. (Chakras can be found as open, underactive, overactive, stagnant, closed or blocked). Shaman stones are also used to further help with chakra balancing & alignment. I perform Full Body Reiki with a number of hand positions going from the head to your feet. Extra crystal therapy is performed on all the chakras that were found with any imbalances, & meridian therapy performed on meridians found with blockages. I finish the treatment with aura cleansing with both crystal therapy & smudging techniques, & before sealing the healing in. I allow you to have a few minutes to remain still while I record all findings of your entire treatment. I gently wake you from your deep relaxation or sleep & all guidance & information received & passed on to you, is from the amount of & where the Reiki is being drawn, as well as directly from your Guides & Angels.

NB Deceased Loved Ones can make their presence known during your treatment.

Personal Appointments

Treatments are tailored for YOU with extra Targeted Healing Corrections & last up to 2 hrs.

Initial Consultation = $150 (half hr free)
Follow Up (1½hr)= $150

Further Treatments (suggested at least one follow up treatment)

Shorter appointments (up to 1hr)= $100

Standard appointments (1½hr)= $150


Treatments: Though all I need is a name & general living location, I like to have a photo so that I have an image to focus on while 'sending' Reiki that I add to your treatment files for any further treatments.
Real Time Distant Reiki, has a pre-treatment discussion of what your symptoms and/or issues are & how you rate them 1-10, before ending the first discussion to perform the real time Reiki (the treatment similar to you on the table during hands on. I perform a distant Chakra analysis followed by a Full Body Reiki session, which is sent & received by you as you sit or lay down in the comfort of your own home...or for you to receive the treatment during your sleep on a specified night.

For Real Time Distant Reiki, we then reconnect via zoom, facetime or phone, to discuss all the findings & impressions during your treatment, just as we would in the hands on treatment..

IF the Reiki  was  sent for you to receive at night, you will be sent a fully typed report of all Reiki findings & Angelic Therapy performed & guidance given.

All Distant Treatments = $150

Qualification Details


  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Angel Intuitive With Advanced Training
  • Angel Practitioner
  • Chakra & Aura Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Dream Therapy
  • Spirit Mediumship
  • Feng Shui
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Thetahealing (Basic & Advanced)
  • Bach Flower Remedies (Level 1)
  • Auslan Basic & Advanced (Aust Sign Language
  • Elemental Space Clearings
  • Archangel Life Coaching

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