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Perth Naturopathic and Herbal Clinic is one of Perth's oldest, largest and most respected Natural Therapies Clinics.

About Us

Servicing area

Perth metropolitan and surrounding areas and country areas by phone or via skype.

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Blood analysis Stomach problem Relaxation Nails Reproductive health

We have been in operation in Perth for 27 years.
We believe very strongly that each person is an individual, with individual needs and concerns. We also believe that Nature has the power to heal which is why we offer a variety of Natural Therapies.

We believe that the human body is a wonderous thing and that when supplied with physical nourishment, emotional support, rest, relaxation and positive living it is capable of anything. Unfortunately this is too rare in today's hustle and bustle world and occasionally we need help to make adjustments , to prioritise and where needed to use Safe, Natural products to help us achieve good health and vibrancy.

How we can help you

The practitioners at Perth Naturopathic pride themselves on the many disciplines they use. For example Naturopathy, Iridology,Sclerology, Kinesiology, Herbalism, Homoeopathy,Physiotherapy, Feldenkrais, ITA and Nutrition.

All our Naturopaths are well versed in and commonly request blood tests, salivary hormone tests, Hair Analyses and gut and Microbiome testing. All of our practitioners and our reception staff  are fully qualified and registered.

By using a large range of treatment options it allows them to treat a greater diversity of health problems.

What can Natural Therapies do for me?

Whether it be a physical problem such as joint pain or muscle soreness, a digestive problem such as Crohn's disease or Irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal issues such as Menopause, Menstrual pain, Fertility or Prostate conditions, a skin condition such as Acne or Psoriasis, an Auto-immune condition such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus, a Mental condition such as Anxiety or Depression, complimentary health care for Cancer patients, Anti ageing medicine, or the core of Naturopathy - preventative therapies.

The nine practitioners at Perth Naturopathic & Herbal Clinic see and treat these conditions on a very regular basis and do so using the best quality natural products from one of Perth's largest dispensaries.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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