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Christian O'Grady

SPNH - Strength Power Nutrition Health

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Sydney Accredited Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning

SPNH - Strength Power Nutrition Health

Focus areas

Transformation Coaching Body composition Intolerance Fitness Well-being

About Christian

SPNH is run by Christian O’Grady, a qualified and registered Nutritionist, competitive powerlifer and qualified Trainer/ Strength & Conditioning Coach.

He has trained athletes for the following sports, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Boxing, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts including UFC fighters/ Boxers.

Christian has a holistic approach when dealing with clients and bases his clinic principles on the models of an Evidence based practice (EBP). The principles of EBP are that, all practical decisions made should;

  1. be based on research studies and

  2. that these research studies are selected and interpreted according to some specific norms characteristic for EBP.

An evidence based approach means you are getting the best information and service that has proven scientific and real world results!

Christian specialises in Body Re-composition and Functional Pathology Investigation, with a main focus on strength and power training for muscle hypertrophy, however has interests in all aspects of Health and Nutritional Intervention.


Online Nutritional Coaching, Body Recomposition

Online nutritional coaching is a subscription based service available for those looking at long term goals in regards to body-composition. This services is beneficial for those who are trying to learn about nutrition and how to maintain or drop body fat effectively and efficiently while maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

The benefit of online coaching is the ability to be monitored from anywhere in the world and not restricted by location.

Nutritional Education

All nutritional consultations revolve around the client and Nutritional Education. The goal is to improve peoples relationships with food and properly educate clients in regards to balanced mixed diet eating while optimising Macronutrient intake for your goals.

I do not provide rigid meal plans, no food is off limits unless you have a genuine allergy or intolerance.

Nutritional Medicine

Involves dealing with specific disorders of the body while looking at what the current body of research shows may be nutritionally beneficial to the client.  This is an evidence based approach for supporting chronic disease conditions as well as general health & wellbeing.

Strength & Conditioning Training, Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is provided via a 1 on 1 fashion.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes in duration depending on your training frequency.

You’re training frequency will be determined by your current fitness level and goals. This will be determined upon your initial consultation and is provided for;

  • Powerlifitng /Strength Specific training, competition peaking

  • Hypertrophy Specific Training

  • Body-recomposition and transformation

  • Athlete Specific training for sport specific goals

  • General personal training and conditioning

All personal training services come with nutritional guidance and weekly nutritional and body composition monitoring.

Semi Private group coaching is available for intermediate athletes this will be discussed if applicable to you and your goals.

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