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Sport Medicine Massage

Servicing area: Geelong North, Victoria

Post Sprains Shoulder pain ...
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  • Sport Medicine Massage

    Mission Statement

    To assist all clients to be free from pain and discomfort as quickly and efficiently as possible using the most effective available resources to give the body what it needs to heal itself

    About Sport Medicine Massage

    Our Principle Massage Therapist, Bengt Carlson, has been involved in the massage industry since 1987. Bengt did his formal qualification through the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, as well as a Sports Massage Course at the Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies.

    Bengt has worked at the former Bellbrae Health Resort, Geelong Osteopathic Clinic, Deakin University, Big White Ski Resort (Canada) as well as in his own private practice before becoming Principle Therapist and Director of V.I.T.&.L Pty. Ltd, trading as Sport Medicine Massage, in January 2000, and is now also working with the Geelong Football Club. Bengt is also a qualified Fitness Leader, and is actively involved in sporting activities.

    All Massage Therapists at Sport Medicine Massage are WorkCover Accredited and rebates are available from all good Private Health Funds (Ancillaries)

    Remedial Massage Therapy

    Remedial Massage Therapy has been defined as normalising restriction and reducing pain when caused by soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon or joint irritation).
    The Sport Medicine Massage therapists use a combination of techniques including deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, myofacial release, shiatsu and cross fibre techniques to achieve the most effective and quickest results possible for each client.

    What to Expect from your Remedial Massage

    A remedial massage may be painful at times. The goal of the therapists at Sport Medicine Massage is to fix your injury in the shortest possible time with a minimum number of visits
    You may be a little sore after your massage, but your muscles and joints should feel relaxed and free, it is also normal for some people to experience a bit of a “bruised” feeling for a few days after a remedial massage.
    When you get up off the table the majority of people feel a definite improvement in their soft tissue injury.

    What types of conditions can Remedial Massage treat?

    A good remedial massage can treat the following, as well as some other conditions with a very high success rate (depending of course on the cause of the problem):
  • Headaches / migraines

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Tennis & Golfers’ elbow

  • Scoliosis, Sciatica & other back pain

  • ITB complaints

  • Knee pain

  • Shin splints / Achilles tendonitis

  • Foot pain / sprained ankles

  • Various other injuries

  • Virtually all injuries involving muscles, ligaments or tendons, including sprains and strains can greatly benefit by massage.

  • Sports Massage Therapy

    Sports Massage has been defined as a form of physical treatment aimed at optimizing athletic performance, reducing the risk of injury and assisting in the rehabilitation of injuries of a soft tissue origin.

    What to Expect from your Sports Massage

    Your massage will be done with a deeper pressure than that of a relaxation massage and the strokes will be quicker

    More time will be spent on muscles that take a greater load from your chosen sport/activity

    Pre and post event massages can be arranged on site for your special event

    After your massage you should feel relaxed but alert, your muscles and joints should feel relaxed and free

    The benefits of a sports massage are:

    Warm and ready the muscles for activity
    Prevent sports related injuries
    Improve performance and endurance
    Relieve post-event pain and stiffness
    Return muscles to normal faster

    Relaxation Massage Therapy

    Relaxation massage is a gentler, slower massage than either a sports or remedial massage. Relaxation Massage is a smooth, flowing type of massage, and you may even fall asleep during your treatment. It is best to have a friend pick you up after your massage as your driving can be impaired by the deep levels of relaxation, which can be instilled by this form of massage.

    What to Expect from Your Relaxation Massage

    Your massage will be done with a firm pressure and will flow from one stroke to the next. If you would like more or less pressure, please let your therapist know - it is your massage
    Don't be surprised if you fall asleep on the massage table. Studies have shown that a one-hour full body massage is the equivalent of eight hours sleep for your muscles.
    When your massage is finished take care getting off the massage table as it is likely you will feel a little dizzy when standing up


    We stock or can order the following products

    • Gift Vouchers

    • Sport Medicine Massage Oil

    • Musashi products

    • Re-useable Ice Packs

    • Cool Relief Ice Patches (pack of 6)

    • Elastic Bandages

    • Mediballs - from $85

    • Skins

    Client Testimonial:

    You will be pleased to know that my Shins have been fine since visiting you. Whilst the pain during the massage was awful and I must admit the following week my Shins were bruised and sore yet I have not had any sign of the shin splints re-occuring thanks to you.

    Last athletic's session I spent more then enough money and time visiting the pysio but my shins were not getting any better, one visit to you and like I said before it's amazing.

    I am more then happy to refer you to other athlete's and friends.
    Natalie Valys - 400mt Runner & Hurdler

    Qualification details

    1987 - Massage Course Geelong
    1988 - Certificate in Herbal Medicine for the Home
    1989 - VicFit - Fitness Leader
    1990 - 1991 - SSNT - Remedial Massage
    - QINS - Diploma in Modern Dietetics and Nutrition
    - MSTT - Sports Massage
    1991 - QINS - Diploma in Iridology
    1997 - Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Chinese Massage
    1999 - Fitnation - Dealing With Back Pain
    - Fitnation - Exercise for Rehabilitation
    - The Quantum Centre - Trigger Point Therapy 1
    2000 - The Quantum Centre - Trigger Point Therapy 2
    2001 - AOK - Integrated Corrective Exercise 1 & 2
    2004 - AGSHSS - Integrated Corrective Exercise 3 & 4

    Service categories

    Sport Medicine Massage